The Importance of Web Design for a Company

In this article, I’ll talk about the importance of a good web design for a company, whether it’s a small or a large one.

Companies have become especially dependent on web design because of the important role it has come to play in everyday business. No company can survive without good web design which is why it is important for your web designer to do his very best. There are many benefits to great websites and it can allow you to expand your target market tenfold. More attractive websites often lure in a large group of people. Here are a few basic reasons why you should consider investing in a proper website design when you build your online brand.


A good website will make sure that the purpose of your company is portrayed through the design and content thereof. A good web designer will always cater towards the needs of the business owner but also towards the needs of the consumer. Furthermore, each page of your website will have its very own purpose that will tell users exactly what they need to do to, for example, contact you, set up an account online, or read about the history of your company. It will be able to help the customers know exactly why they have found themselves on your website.


We live in an age where information is absorbed at a rapid rate and this makes it difficult for companies to communicate with their clients. Good websites will be able to bridge the communication gap between you and the consumer and make the information you want to convey as understandable as possible. Web designers will be able to clearly communicate the purpose spoken about above by using tools such as headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short sentences to grab the attention and make the pages more readable.


Never underestimate the importance of typefaces. There are fonts out there that give off a ‘friendlier’ tone and those that are a bit more abrupt or brash. The web designer will be able to choose the perfect font that will align with the image you want to put out there and to help communicate effectively. Font sizes also play a huge role in the readability of a website. You need to make sure that readers from all spectrums will be able to easily read the content that you have posted online and this is what a good web designer will keep in mind.


Just as typefaces invite the reader inside the website, so do colours attract attention. A good website will be colourful, but will not go overboard with the whole colour palette. Your web designer will be able to use complementary colours to set a certain mood, contrasting colours to enhance readability and vibrant colours to play on the emotive aspects of the website. A good website will also capture the importance of white spaces to allow the typefaces some space. This will also help to eliminate any chance of cluttering on the pages.


A website without images might as well cease to exist. Humans are visual creatures and your website should be able to show and tell the consumer what you are trying to sell to them. A web designer will be able to connect with the audience on a realistic level and help with your brand positioning and creating. You will be able to have a website that consists out of original and professional photos that have been taken in HD. Photos that consist of poor quality will not be appealing to the eye and it immediately give off a bad image of your company to any client.


This is probably one of the most important aspects of web design. A good website will be able to give you clear and smooth navigation from one page to the next. It should be easy enough for anyone to go to the page that they want to visit. A good web designed will be able to use tools such as breadcrumbs, clickable buttons, and logical page hierarchy to make the process a bit more effective. Most of them follow the three-click rule which means that the client will be able to find the information that they need within no more than three clicks.

Grid-based layouts

The layout of your web design should be able to be easy to view and it will help with the navigation of the pages. A poor web design will produce a haphazard appearance and people will shy away from it. A grid-based layout helps you to organise your information into little sections that make it easier to find. A web designer will organise it into columns, sections, or boxes that can be lined up to make the web design a bit more balanced.

Load time

No one likes a website that takes forever to load or that produces just a few sections of a page at a time. A good web designer will be able to improve the load time and give the client quicker access to the information that you have put on there. Some of the tools that a good web designer will be able to use is optimising the image scale and size, rewriting the code so that reduces the HTTP requests, and minimise scripts so that they are compressed which will also help with loading time.

Mobile friendly web design

Any website that is worth its weight in gold should be mobile friendly. Our cell phones are more frequently in our hands than our computers, tablets or laptops. A good website will be able to switch to a mobile-friendly version for those who access the net via their cell phone. A good web designer will be able to rebuild your layout so that it is compatible with mobile devices. Some companies have even built apps around their mobile-friendly websites so that it is easier for cell phone users to access it. This is another thing you might want to consider, but it opens an entirely different can of fish.

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