8 Best Laundry Detergent Sheets in 2023: Reviewed and Compared

I’ve never liked those big, heavy plastic jugs of laundry detergent. They’re overpriced, you’re paying mostly for water, and they just end up in a landfill. That’s why I switched to laundry detergent sheets as soon as they hit the market. They’re lightweight, easy to use, cheap, and most importantly, they’re much better for the environment.

But not all laundry detergent sheets are the same. Some are cheap, effective, and prove they care about the world by giving back, while others are five times the cost of your average detergent and do as little to look after the environment as most traditional brands.

To make sure I got the best one, I bought all the laundry detergent sheets I could find and compared them against each other. Here’s what I found.

Best Laundry Detergent Sheets: Earth Breeze (4.6/5)


  • Cheapest price per load
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Money-saving monthly subscription
  • Top performer with colors and whites
  • Charitable contributions on all purchases


  • They lack the prestige associated with some legacy brands
Earth Breeze Review

After running a full assessment of the entire laundry sheet world, I ended up choosing Earth Breeze as my #1 pick.

First, they just work really well on all my laundry. My whites load came out sparkling clean (I honestly didn’t expect that cheeky little bit of gravy to come out) without the need to soak them in any prewash. And the colors came out of the machine as bright and vibrant as when I put them in.

Second, I love the price! They’re just $0.33 per load (I bought just one packet so I could test them), but once I joined their subscription program, they cost just $0.20 per load. If I’d been using Earth Breeze instead of Tide for the last three years, I would have saved a lot of money (Tide is $0.25 per load)!

Speaking of Tide, one thing that I always struggled with was lifting those big, heavy plastic jugs—especially when they were brand new! I’m not a weakling, but after spending an entire day playing with my son, the thought of dragging that huge bottle out of the cupboard to the top of the washing machine made me want to crawl back into my glass of wine. I didn’t have this problem with Earth Breeze. Their laundry detergent sheets aren’t 70% water so they weigh less than a slice of bread! It really makes life easier.

In addition to all this wonderful stuff, Earth Breeze works in all kinds of washing machines, their packaging is cardboard so you can put it in your compost, they’re safe on sensitive skin, carbon neutral, cruelty free, vegan, and surprisingly, gluten free!

And finally, they do a lot of great social work. They donate laundry sheets to homeless shelters, they donate 1% of their profits to sustainability charities, and they’re actively working to help improve the world. I read just the other day about how they helped a group of women in Africa plant a shea tree plantation so they could start selling shea butter and lift themselves out of poverty. It’s just really nice to know that my purchases are making a difference in the world.

If you want a laundry detergent sheet that gets sparkling results in all kinds of machines, is light and simple to use, is most likely cheaper than what you’re currently using, and is really wonderful for the environment, get yourself some Earth Breeze.

Second Place Medal: Sheets Laundry Club (3.85/5)


  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Works in all machines
  • Second cheapest price


  • No charitable contributions
  • Not great performance on my whites

I tried to find a really good second place for this list and I ended up going with Sheets Laundry Club. Its plain cardboard packaging is so cute and its sheets are the second-cheapest laundry detergent sheets, but they didn’t do well on my whites.

First of all, Sheets Laundry Club sells the second-cheapest laundry sheets behind Earth Breeze. They’re $0.40/load for onetime purchases (50 loads from the $19.99 package) and only $0.28/load if you subscribe ($13.99 per package).

The packaging is completely compostable, they’re vegan and cruelty free, and they also work in all kinds of washing machines.

When it came to cleaning performance, these sheets were a mixed bag. The colors came out looking great, about as well as Earth Breeze. I was really impressed. The area they didn’t do as well on was my whites. They just came out kind of gray. It’s hard to explain. But you know when you see a shirt that looks like it’s been owned for two years and seems to have lost its shine? Well, that’s what I got with Sheets Laundry Club.

There were some other issues, as well.

Sheets Laundry Club’s free shipping is only available with a subscription, which is a bit of a pain if you just want to test them out. Also, the company doesn’t do any social or environmental work, which I found disappointing.

All in all, Sheets makes a reasonable product at a good price that performs well and means you don’t have to lug heavy laundry detergent bottles around, but if you prefer a cheaper price with free shipping and superior performance, as well as the knowledge that your money is going to support important charities, you’re better off with Earth Breeze.

Still, if you want to learn more about Sheets Laundry Club, you can read more about it on its website here.

Other laundry detergent sheets I tested

Both of the above detergent sheets come out on top as the best laundry detergent sheets I could find, especially Earth Breeze, with its plastic-free, eco-friendly laundry detergent that works well on stains and is great for sensitive skin. 

They’re not the only laundry detergent strips I’ve tested, though. I went through six others that say they’re eco-friendly laundry detergents with effective cleaning power.

They all came up short in different ways, which is why I couldn’t rank them higher on my list. I’ve split these into two categories. Team $0.28 boasts affordable prices but disappointing results or eco-friendliness, while those in team I’ll-charge-whatever-I-want cost eye-watering amounts per wash.

Let’s dive into what I found.

Team $0.28

Kind Laundry

Kind Laundry is one of the better options here for a few reasons.

It uses zero-waste packaging to carry its plant-based formula, making it one of the better laundry detergent sheets for sensitive skin. For a onetime purchase, these cost $0.33 per load, but that comes down to $0.28 per wash if you go for the monthly subscription. While that’s more expensive than Earth Breeze’s $0.20 per load, it’s cheaper than some of the other options I tried.

The plant-based ingredients are effective on bright colors and don’t fade them, but it doesn’t have the same cleaning power on whites.

I’ve two main reasons why Kind Laundry doesn’t rank any higher on my list.

The first is the free shipping, which only comes with the subscription option and makes onetime purchases more expensive. This sneaky policy implies the detergent strips have something to hide. You’ll have to commit to the monthly subscription before knowing how effective the laundry detergent is if you want free shipping.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything tangible that backs up Kind’s claims of environmental friendliness. There are no donations to environmental or social causes, and its shipping isn’t carbon neutral.

With how much talk there is about the environment on Kind Laundry’s website, I would’ve expected it would actually do something to protect it.

Beyond Laundry

Beyond Laundry detergent sheets were a tricky one.

They tick all the boxes in terms of being great for sensitive skin and eco-friendly, and having a solid cleaning power no matter what washing machines you’re using. The detergent sheets are also cruelty-free and vegan while offering one of the best prices per load I could find. 

You’ll see that with even a onetime purchase, which costs $8.99 for 32 loads. That averages out at $0.28 per wash, making it an economical option.

There’s a catch with all of this, however. There’s no subscription option and shipping isn’t free, so you’ll end up paying a little more for your laundry detergent. I found at least three other options that are more affordable and still come with multiple advantages. There could be more, depending on shipping costs.

Beyond Laundry also doesn’t do anything to help the environment or give back to charity. Earth Breeze and similar options blow it out of the water with this.

These could’ve been ranked higher, given the plant-based ingredients, decent cleaning power, and other factors. The lack of environmental and social donations—and the lack of a free shipping option—prevents me from doing that.

Team I’ll-charge-whatever-I-want

Space White

Space White laundry strips didn’t rank any higher because, well, they just didn’t stand out.

It covers all the basics, such as omitting optical brighteners and cleaning clothes to a decent standard, but it doesn’t do anything beyond that.

The price per wash also comes in the middle, costing $0.44 with each wash. While there’s a subscription discount, you’ll only get this with your first order. You’ll have to pay full price for each delivery after that. Hardly even qualifies as a “subscription.”

To make matters worse, you’ll need to sign up for at least $75 worth of Space White’s laundry detergent to get free shipping. That’s simply not good enough. Other brands that offer free shipping over a certain price normally have a lower minimum purchase.

Well Earth

Well Earth could’ve been placed anywhere in my bottom four, as it hits a few positives while missing the mark completely with other factors. Compared to Earth Breeze, it comes up drastically short.

What Well Earth does well can also be said of any other laundry detergent in my bottom four. It works in any washing machine, is cruelty free and plastic free, is safe for sensitive skin, is vegan friendly, and does a decent job cleaning clothes.

At $0.52 per load if you go for the one-off purchase, it’s one of the least affordable options. Even going for the more affordable monthly subscription only brings this down to $0.48 per wash. If I was ranking solely on price, these laundry strips would be closer to the bottom. Free shipping offsets the high price only slightly.

The two best laundry detergent sheets all offer this and come with comparatively more benefits. There isn’t much of a reason to choose Well Earth.

Tru Earth

Tru Earth Eco-Strips offer multiple benefits, including a decent cleaning performance and no fading or damage to your clothes

The zero-waste and plastic-free packaging delivers plant-based ingredients that are great for sensitive skin. The cruelty-free laundry detergent sheets work well in high-efficiency machines, and you shouldn’t have any leftover stains once the wash is done. 

Tru Earth also gives to environmental and social causes, such as donating 32 laundry sheets to front-line workers and those in need with each subscription. That’s per subscription, however, and not per purchase, so Earth Breeze gives back much more in this department.

Then there’s the cost. Coming in at a whopping $0.62 per load for a onetime purchase, this drops to $0.40 per wash if you go with the monthly subscription. That’s still twice as expensive as Earth Breeze.

While the charitable efforts Tru Earth is engaged in are great, I’d assume it does more for that price.

Clean People

I honestly don’t know what Clean People was thinking when it launched. It certainly must’ve been an interesting time, however.

Coming in at two or three times the price as other laundry detergents, it’s the most expensive option on my list. Its cost per load is a shocking $1.03, making it five times the cost of some options. While more expensive laundry detergents offer a subscription discount to bring this cost down, that’s not an option with Clean People. Instead, you’re signing up to throw away money.

You’ll save yourself an extraordinary $0.83 per load by choosing Earth Breeze. You’ll also get more cleaning power, as well as a more eco-friendly laundry detergent. There’s no point wasting your time with this.

My process

And now it’s time to go through how I ranked the best laundry detergent sheets. I took a step-by-step approach to this while considering various factors, such as how eco-friendly each laundry detergent sheet is and how well it cleans.

Here’s how I went about my research.

My research

While my first step might seem a bit obvious, everyone needs to start somewhere. I listed the leading laundry detergent sheets on the market, which didn’t take too much time. I went through Amazon, manufacturer websites, and several other platforms to see which eco-friendly and effective detergents people were using. Each of these options had quite a few reviews and a decent number of sales, making them worth testing.

Then I spoke with a few other people who all have experience in eco-friendly and sustainable products, as well as those who specialize in laundry detergents, for a more informed perspective before starting my analysis.

Then came going through each product’s ingredient lists. Optical brighteners, polyvinyl alcohol, and similar chemicals all irritate sensitive skin and wreak havoc on the environment. Determining whether each detergent used these toxic chemicals or plant-based ingredients was an essential step in my research.

I didn’t stop there, as I also wanted to take a look at the packaging itself. Zero-waste, carbon-neutral, and plastic-free packaging harms the environment much less than heavy plastic alternatives. I wanted to make sure it didn’t leach any waste or chemicals into the environment. 

Some detergents excelled in this regard, while others missed the mark completely.

I also wanted to find out how other people fared with each detergent. Online reviews were a helpful place to start, but these can be easy for brands to fake or manipulate. That’s why I spent time speaking to actual customers—to give me an accurate account of how the laundry detergents performed in different washing machines and in different conditions.

Some excelled at getting rid of stains, according to customers, while others fell drastically short. That played a role in my initial rankings before I got my hands on the detergents myself.

Since I was already reaching out to people, I decided to speak with laundry detergent brands myself. Some were more than happy to answer the questions I had, but there was radio silence with a few others. The lack of a response from these companies was a bit concerning.

My tests

Now that I had a lot of information at hand, it was time to get my hands dirty. I needed to see whether each detergent worked as well as they claimed. To do that, I used high-efficiency (HE) washing machines and created eight batches of loads. These all had the same stains, including grass, grease, and food stains. Anything I could think would happen to the clothes in real life, I tried to replicate.

I also made sure these loads contained the same material—denim, silk, wool, and cotton. Once each of these loads had the stains I wanted them to have, it was time to check out each brand’s cleaning performance. Using the manufacturer-recommended amount of laundry detergent, it was time to get started.

After being put into my HE machines, I waited until the samples were completely air dried and viewed under direct sunlight. In addition to stain removal, I checked whether the detergents damaged the clothes or caused any fading, as well as post-wash scent. The top two brands cleaned the clothes perfectly while leaving no damage to the fabrics. They also left a nice, not-too-strong scent after the clothes were cleaned.

Each other laundry detergent, however, came up short in a few ways. Some didn’t work effectively in high-efficiency washing machines, while others made colors fade and didn’t leave them feeling as fresh as I’d like. 

My reviews reflect these results accordingly.

My criteria

Now that I had all of the information I needed about each detergent, it was time to actually analyze them. To choose the best laundry detergent sheets, I used specific criteria:

  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and plant-based ingredients
  • Zero-waste and plastic-free packaging
  • Cleaning performance
  • Cost per load
  • Any refund charges, free shipping, and subscription discounts
  • Carbon-neutral and eco-friendly manufacturing and shipping
  • Social and environmental donations and activism
  • Presence of polyvinyl alcohol, optical brighteners, or other toxic chemicals in the formula

Each criteria had its own weight, with each laundry detergent performing differently. What surprised me is how varied the results were from detergent to detergent. All of these factors are reflected in my reviews.

My findings: The best laundry detergent sheets that actually clean!

If choosing the most eco-friendly cleaning products for your home is important to you, finding the best laundry detergent sheet may seem like a difficult process. Manufacturers are more than happy to lie about their detergent if it means better sales, regardless of how much of an impact this has on consumers and the environment. Many are misleading, at best.

To make it easier for you, I spent a week testing and analyzing each laundry detergent sheet I could get my hands on to see which brand actually does what it says it does. Some options were great, while other detergents are worth steering clear of.

Earth Breeze takes the title of best laundry detergent for multiple reasons:

  • Includes no harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin
  • Comes in a plastic-free, zero-waste, and biodegradable cardboard pack
  • Has a 100% carbon-neutral process from manufacturing to delivery
  • Helps the environment by donating 1% of its revenues to environmental causes
  • Affordable at $0.20 per wash
  • Donates 10 sheets to social causes with each purchase

While Earth Breeze is a relatively new player in the market, the brand is getting a name for itself as a biodegradable, eco-friendly, and powerful laundry detergent. It’s the best laundry detergent sheet on the market by far. For a full list of the best eco-friendly laundry detergents on the market today, read my article on the topic. Not all laundry detergents meet the same standards. Read my ethical guideline to laundry detergents to ensure yours meets environmental and human safety standards.

Wrapping it up

If you’re done with harming the environment and can’t stand harsh chemicals in your detergent anymore, switch to the best laundry detergent sheets on the market.

Earth Breeze passes all of the expected quality marks with flying colors. It’s the most affordable option I could find, but that doesn’t mean compromising on performance. The concentrated, plant-based formula gets rid of any stain, making it an effective, biodegradable, and low-cost detergent that’s great for sensitive skin.

The plastic-free, carbon-neutral, and biodegradable packaging seals the deal. Add in the environmental and social causes the brand is involved with, and you’ll feel clean in more ways than one once you switch to this.

If you want a laundry detergent sheet that’s safe for your skin, your clothes, and the environment, pick up Earth Breeze today.