5 tips to protect your child’s reputation online

By Cynthia Lieberman

Author Cynthia Lieberman is Co-founder of Cyberwise and Cyberwise Certified, two sites dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and kids understand and use digital media safely and wisely.

Raising teens and tweens in today’s digitally connected world is complicated. Parents often worry about what their kids are doing online. That’s why the best way to …


Teenager Survives Almost 50 Days Alone At Sea

An Indonesian teenager has survived 49 days adrift at sea in a fishing hut before being rescued and returned home safely. 

Aldi Novel Adilang, 19, is a lamp keeper for a floating fish trap called a rompong, which was located 77 miles off the coast of Indonesia. His job involves being responsible for changing the lights used …


Doctor Uses Shampoo Bottles To Save Young Lives

A doctor in Bangladesh has found a simple way to treat infant pneumonia.

After seeing children in his hospital die from what he believed was the cause of poor quality face masks and tubes that delivered oxygen to the patients, one pediatric doctor, Mohamad Chisti, in Sylhet, Bangladesh decided he had to try and find a …


How to Unlock your iPhone 8

In Short: There are three commonly available iPhone 8/Plus unlock methods: software, hardware, and IMEI (factory) unlocking. Software unlocking was made obsolete when Apple upgraded the modem on the iPhone 4 and hardware unlocking will break your iPhone and void your warranty. The only reliable, safe, and effective iPhone 8 unlock method is IMEI unlocking.

I’ve …

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Musician in the Digital Age

Here’s the truth: many people will say it’s never been easier to be discovered than right now. Between viral posts, singing competitions and Pandora, there’s a lot to look forward to as a musician trying to make it big. But here’s the scarier truth: it’s hard to make the kind of money that will give …


Transforming Learning with BYOT

Dr. Tim Clark

Tim is the Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Forsyth County Schools, Georgia.

In Forsyth County Schools, a school district north of Atlanta, Georgia, students from all grade levels are actually encouraged to bring their own technology devices to school to use them for new learning opportunities. This practice is called Bring Your Own …