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The Mind Behind the Bully: The Psychology of Bullying

There’s a lot of information out there dedicated to protecting our kids from bullying and enforcing policies to ensure it doesn’t happen, but the real key to stopping this problem is understanding it. Bullies are definitely people like the rest of us, so what’s so different about them that their social skills are so drastically …


The Law and Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a cruel way for others to assert their superiority over others through online harassment, but when does it become a crime? Though there are no laws at the federal level in place in the US for bullying, many states have statutes to protect minors from excessive displays of intimidation and harassment from …


Guide to Sexting

In the era of wireless communication, flirtation has taken on a new form. Sexting is the practice of sending sexually explicit text messages or images to a romantic interest. While it’s a fun form of communication for many adults in intimate relationships, the practice has made its way into the world’s schools, and now students …


An Educators Guide to Cyber-Bullying (For Teachers)

As a teacher, you have the overwhelming job of both educating today’s youth as well as ensuring that their learning environment is as stress and distraction-free as possible. Easier said than done.

Today’s kids are facing more distractions and complications in their lives than ever before, and a large part of that definitely has to do …


An Employer’s Guide to Cyber Bullying

As an employer, there are a lot of irons in the fire for you. It’s not just about managing personnel, handling payroll, and arranging schedules – there’s the responsibility you have to make sure that your employees have a safe and constructive environment to work in.

Managing a team of people from all different walks of …


A School’s Guide to Cyber Bullying

As an educator, there’s a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders with today’s kids. You not only face the usual challenge of preparing them for secondary education and the workforce, but have to do so with the mindset that comes in an age of unparalleled technological advancement.

Tomorrow’s business leaders are going to face challenges …