Best Wyoming Registered Agent Services (2024 Update)

Getting the best registered agent for your Wyoming business is vital to your success.

The right registered agent will protect your privacy and assets while ensuring your company meets all legal requirements. Choosing the wrong one, however, can leave you exposed to risks such as personal details being exploited by scammers, personal assets being vulnerable to legal actions, and your company missing crucial compliance deadlines.

To keep you safe and protected, we’ve researched the top Wyoming registered agent services and narrowed it down to the top three, along with a few honorable mentions.

Best Wyoming Registered Agent Services Recommendations

1. Harbor Compliance – 9.13/10 (Best Registered Agent Service)

Harbor Compliance tops our list because they offer the best value and comprehensive services for the money.


Harbor Compliance is a full-service agent that can assist with the LLC formation process and provide everything you need. Their services include:

  • Providing a business address or registered office in Wyoming
  • Scanning all important documents, including legal ones
  • Setting up online access to all your documents
  • Offering mail forwarding
  • Notifying you in advance about compliance deadlines

The signup process is quick and painless. They provide their agent services in multiple states, which is ideal if you plan to expand your business beyond Wyoming.

Their system is user-friendly, designed for those who aren’t tech-savvy, and allows you to manage registrations for multiple states within the same portal—a feature not commonly seen with other registered agents in Wyoming.

Their customer service is highly responsive, answering calls quickly and providing clear, thorough answers to questions.


While they are a full-service option, they don’t offer some premium services such as identity theft and asset protection.

If these services are important to you, they can be purchased separately for less than the cost difference between Harbor Compliance and budget agents.


Harbor Compliance is the best overall option for a registered agent in Wyoming. They are reliable, full-service, and offer fantastic customer support.

If you need an agent to help set up your LLC and support your company’s growth, Harbor Compliance is the best choice.

2. Northwest Registered Agent – 7.81/10 (Best Customer Service)

Northwest Registered Agent is our second pick overall, but it tops the list for exceptional customer support.


Northwest Registered Agent is a full-service option that assists with LLC formation. They provide mail forwarding, online access to your legal documents, compliance deadline notifications, and a registered office or business address.

The setup process is straightforward, and you can easily set up registrations for multiple states. While their system is relatively simple to use, a few small improvements could make it even better.

Their standout feature is their customer support. The team is extremely helpful, friendly, and easy to contact. Once you’re set up, you have lifetime access to their customer service team.

They also offer top-tier LLC services in Wyoming.


There are three downsides to Northwest Registered Agent.

First, they don’t offer identity theft or asset protection, though these can be purchased separately.

Second, their system isn’t as user-friendly as Harbor Compliance’s, which means you might spend more time talking to customer support than you’d prefer.

Lastly, they are 25% more expensive than Harbor Compliance.


If you prioritize excellent customer service or prefer not to use Harbor Compliance, Northwest Registered Agent is a strong choice.

3. LegalZoom — 6.59/10 (Best Premium Registered Agent)

LegalZoom stands out as the best among the premium options.


LegalZoom offers both full-service and premium features. You get mail forwarding, compliance deadline notifications, a registered office address, online access to your documents, and up to $1 million in identity theft protection.


There are two significant drawbacks to LegalZoom.

First, their price. At $299 per year, they are $200 more expensive than Harbor Compliance. The added identity theft protection isn’t worth the extra cost, as it can be purchased separately for much less.

Second, registered agent services are a small part of what LegalZoom offers, so it’s not their primary focus. Their system is more challenging to use compared to Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance, and their customer service isn’t as efficient.


Despite these drawbacks, LegalZoom is a reputable company. It might be worth considering if you already use their other services. Otherwise, Harbor Compliance or Northwest Registered Agent are better choices.

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a newcomer to the registered agent and LLC industry. Their base services are priced at around $99 per year. However, if you want notifications, you’ll need to pay an additional $149 per month.

While it seems like there should be a benefit to the additional $149 for the notification system, their customer support has yet to inform me of what that benefit is, and it’s been 6 days!

You can get Wyoming registered agent services for free when you sign up for their LLC formation service. However, in the long run, you’ll end up paying more for the notification system and mail forwarding than with any of the companies in our top three list.

For more details about their services, read my ZenBusiness review.

5. IncFile

IncFile is an LLC service that offers the bare minimum in terms of registered agent services. They charge $119 per year, but compliance notifications are not included, meaning you receive fewer services for a higher price.

Similar to ZenBusiness, IncFile provides a free year of agent services, but you’ll still end up paying more for basic services like mail forwarding and a registered office.

6. Rocket Lawyer

While Rocket Lawyer may appear to be a budget-friendly alternative to LegalZoom, their registered agent services are not their core focus. At $149 per year, their basic offerings, such as a registered office, are barebones and their customer service leaves much to be desired.

For a deeper dive into Rocket Lawyer’s online legal services and other offerings, check out my in-depth Rocket Lawyer review.

7. SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings is an LLC formation and registered agent service offering basic services, such as a registered office, for $159 per year. Their service quality, however, may not meet the expectations of some users.

8. InCorp

InCorp initially appears to be an attractive LLC formation and registered agent service with a price tag of $99 per year.

However, their system’s frustrating user interface often necessitates frequent contact with customer support, which unfortunately does not compensate for the platform’s clunkiness, especially for a service primarily offering a registered office address.

9. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings offers registered agent services that include valuable features such as compliance notifications, but these come at a cost of $149 per year.

For a comprehensive overview of their offerings, you can consult my detailed Swyft Filings review.

10. CSC Global

CSC Global offers a comprehensive registered agent service with a premium price tag. While they do cover any Wyoming state fees associated with switching to their service, their annual fee of $299 could be better spent on Harbor Compliance’s services, leaving you with enough to cover the state’s fees independently.

11. Registered Agents Inc.

Registered Agents Inc. offers comparable LLC services to those of Harbor Compliance, but their annual fee of $200 significantly exceeds Harbor Compliance’s $99 price tag.

12. Jumpstart Filings

When it comes to LLC formation and registered agent services, Jumpstart Filings provides only the most basic features, yet their annual fee is $129.

Additionally, they do not include complimentary registered agent services when you opt for their LLC formation package.

Wyoming Registered Agent Reviews Methodology

The following outlines the process I employed to identify the top registered agent services in Wyoming.

Why You Should Trust Us

My extensive experience in researching and working with Wyoming registered agent services surpasses that of most individuals.

Initially, my quest for registered agents stemmed from the needs of my two businesses – a health website and a cafe. Upon selling these ventures, I sought new opportunities, and it was during this time that friends began approaching me for advice on finding reputable registered agents. This gradual shift in focus led to the establishment of my current endeavor, and I now share the same expertise on selecting a Wyoming registered agent with you.

How We Selected The Best Registered Agent in Wyoming

Our selection process began with a comprehensive list of 50 Wyoming registered agents, an astounding number of options. Through careful evaluation, we meticulously narrowed down this extensive list to 10, and then further refined it to identify the top 3 registered agent services in Wyoming.

Stage 1: Online Feedback

Our initial focus was on online reviews of registered agents. Surprisingly, there exists a wealth of feedback on platforms such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and other websites where customers share their experiences.

While it would have been impractical to read every single review, we carefully analyzed those with substantial commentary, enabling us to distinguish reputable Wyoming registered agent services from potential scams.

Stage 2: Website Review

Having eliminated registered agents offering subpar services based on customer feedback, we conducted a meticulous analysis of the remaining companies’ websites.

Our assessment focused on several key factors:

  • The diversity of services and products offered
  • The range of available customer service channels
  • The company’s historical background
  • Any awards or accolades received
  • Other relevant information disclosed on their sites

This comprehensive evaluation allowed us to gain a holistic understanding of each company and the quality of services they provide.

Stage 3: Engaging with Existing Clients

While online reviews provide a valuable initial assessment of Wyoming registered agent services, a deeper understanding necessitates direct interaction with actual clients to gather detailed insights beyond static feedback.

To achieve this, we sought out individuals who had followed recommendations from our website or personal acquaintances utilizing Wyoming registered agents.

Through conversations with these clients, we were able to glean valuable information about their satisfaction levels, the quality of customer support received, and the specific services offered, thus supplementing the information provided on the companies’ websites.

Stage 4: Engaging with Sales Representatives

The final stage involved direct interaction with the sales teams of the remaining registered agent services. Armed with the negative reviews and complaints gathered from various online platforms, we presented these concerns to the representatives and gauged their responses. This approach allowed us to discern much about each Wyoming registered agent based on how their sales team addressed these challenging questions and the content of their sales pitches.

Furthermore, this step enabled us to assess the companies’ growth trajectories. While some registered agents dismissed negative feedback as unfounded, the more reputable ones acknowledged the complaints and outlined the proactive measures they had taken to rectify the issues or implement new services to address them.

Without this crucial stage, our understanding of the Wyoming registered agents on this list would have been incomplete.

If you are looking for Best LLC Services in Wyoming, Check out our list here.

Ranking Factors

Following the completion of the four assessment phases, we evaluated the remaining registered agents based on the following key criteria:

Factor 1: Service Offerings

The range of services provided by a Wyoming registered agent is a critical factor in our assessment. Regardless of pricing or customer service quality, if a registered agent doesn’t offer the specific services you require, they won’t be a suitable fit.

We evaluated aspects such as:

  • Online document access
  • Mail forwarding capabilities
  • Proactive compliance deadline notifications (beyond simple calendar reminders)
  • Identity theft protection measures (as opposed to generic data security assurances)

Registered agents with limited service offerings were ranked lower, while those providing a comprehensive suite of services rose to the top of our list.

Factor 2: Pricing

The cost of registered agent services in Wyoming varied significantly across providers, making it difficult for the average consumer to determine a fair price point.

Our analysis revealed three distinct pricing tiers: budget, full service, and premium. Budget services ranged from $39 to $59 per year, full-service agents charged between $99 and $129 annually, while premium services started at $299 and above.

Registered agents offering the most comprehensive or highest quality services for the lowest price received higher rankings on our list.

Our investigation also uncovered a noteworthy trend within the budget category. While some providers offered basic services for around $39 per year, obtaining the full range of services typically expected from a registered agent often incurred significantly higher costs, even surpassing those of premium providers. This finding explains why budget-priced agents were excluded from our final recommendations.

Factor 3: User Experience During Signup

Discovering a registered agent that offers your desired services at an appealing price is great, but encountering a cumbersome signup process that takes days or weeks can be a major deterrent.

Consequently, the ease of signing up and initiating service usage is the third factor in our evaluation criteria.

Registered agents with lengthy or complicated onboarding processes were ranked lower, while those offering automated or streamlined signup procedures were prioritized in our assessment.

Factor 4: User-Friendliness

After completing the signup process and integrating the system into your workflow, the ease of daily navigation and usage becomes apparent. Some registered agent platforms are notoriously complex and difficult to navigate.

Therefore, the user-friendliness of the system is the fourth factor we meticulously evaluated.

Registered agents with cumbersome and convoluted interfaces were ranked lower, while those boasting intuitive and easy-to-use systems were prioritized in our assessment.

Factor 5: Customer Service Excellence

Even the most user-friendly systems may require occasional assistance, making customer service a crucial aspect of any registered agent service.

The quality of a registered agent’s customer support can significantly impact your workflow, either facilitating smooth operations or causing frustrating delays.

Therefore, we thoroughly assessed the customer service of each registered agent under consideration.

Providers with slow response times or those unable to effectively address issues were ranked lower, while those demonstrating prompt responsiveness and problem-solving abilities were prioritized in our evaluation.

The Best Wyoming Registered Agent Service Review Summary

After a rigorous evaluation process involving four distinct stages and an assessment of five key factors for each registered agent service, Harbor Compliance emerged as the top choice.

Overall Best Registered Agent Service – Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance secured the top spot on our list by offering the most comprehensive range of services at the most competitive price, delivering exceptional value for your investment.

Their comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • A designated business address
  • Scanning and online access to essential business documents
  • Timely notifications and reminders for compliance requirements and deadlines
  • Robust privacy protection measures

A standout feature of Harbor Compliance is their nationwide network of offices in every state, ensuring seamless support for your business expansion regardless of location.

Priced at just $99 per year, Harbor Compliance is the most affordable option on our list, further solidifying their position as the best value proposition for a Wyoming registered agent.

Best Customer Support Registered Agent Service – Northwest Registered Agent

For those prioritizing exceptional customer support in a registered agent, Northwest Registered Agent stands out from the rest. While offering a level of service comparable to Harbor Compliance, they go above and beyond by providing lifetime customer support through their dedicated team of “Corporate Guides”.

While Northwest Registered Agent annual fee of $125 is slightly higher than Harbor Compliance’s, this premium is justified for those seeking a registered agent that not only excels in service delivery but also prioritizes reliable and consistent customer support.

The numerous positive reviews about Northwest Registered Agent online from satisfied customers further attest to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a cheap Wyoming registered agent service and want to know more about Harbor Compliance, you can read more on their website.

Best Premium Registered Agent Service – LegalZoom

For businesses seeking a premium registered agent experience in Wyoming, LegalZoom is a compelling option. They offer all the essential services provided by Harbor Compliance, complemented by a substantial $1,000,000 in identity theft protection. Additionally, they cover any costs incurred when transitioning from another registered agent service to theirs.

While positioned on the higher end of the pricing spectrum at $299 annually, this premium is justified for those prioritizing robust identity theft protection and comprehensive security measures for their business.


Selecting the right registered agent service is crucial for safeguarding your assets, ensuring document security, providing online access to vital information, and maintaining compliance with regulatory deadlines.

Our comprehensive analysis began with a pool of 64 registered agents, which we meticulously narrowed down to 11 through a rigorous four-phase evaluation process that assessed five key factors.

Ultimately, Harbor Compliance emerged as the clear winner for the best Wyoming registered agent service.

They excel in every aspect that matters: offering a complete suite of services at the most competitive price, boasting an intuitive and user-friendly platform, providing seamless online document access, delivering exceptional customer service, and facilitating multi-state registration for effortless business expansion.

If you seek a top-tier registered agent service in Wyoming, Harbor Compliance is the clear choice.