Best Texas Registered Agents Services (2024 Update)

Selecting the appropriate registered agent for your Texas Limited Liability Company (LLC) is essential.

Per the guidelines set by the Secretary of State and the Business Organizations Code, every business entity is required to maintain a physical address within the state for the reception of legal documents and official communications.

To satisfy this requirement, a Texas business must designate and uphold a registered agent within the state who agrees to act as the official recipient for all legal documents and correspondence on behalf of the company. Given the significant role of this position, it is imperative to choose the right registered agent carefully.

A competent Texas Registered Agent will safeguard your personal information, ensure the delivery of all necessary official mail from state agencies to your business, and assist in fulfilling all legal obligations to maintain your company’s good standing.

Conversely, choosing an inadequate Texas Registered Agent can prove costly in several ways. An unsuitable agent can lead to unnecessary expenses and expose your business to potential legal challenges and breaches of confidential information.

We conducted a thorough review of over 64 Texas registered agent services, narrowing the list down to 12 before evaluating each one in detail.

Below are our top selections for the most reliable Texas registered agents:

Northwest Registered Agent – 9.08/10 (Best Customer Service Registered Agent)

Northwest Registered Agent clinches the number one position on our list of top Texas registered agent services. They stand out not only for fulfilling all the essential registered agent duties but also for their exceptional customer service.


A key advantage of Northwest Registered Agent is its size as a smaller company. This allows them to offer a more personalized approach, genuinely focusing on client needs beyond mere promotional claims.

In addition to their core registered agent services, they also assist with LLC formations, including obtaining Certificates of Formation or filing Statements of Change. As part of their services, they provide a physical Texas address necessary for legal correspondence, and they meticulously scan every document received on behalf of clients before forwarding them.

Texas Registered Agent Northwest is distinguished on this list as the only Texas registered agent that scans and forwards every type of mail. Clients receive an online account to access all their documents conveniently. Furthermore, they provide notifications about upcoming compliance deadlines, accept service of process and other mail during business hours on behalf of your Texas LLC, ensuring that your business maintains its good standing with the Texas Secretary of State.

Their signup process is straightforward, accommodating businesses that operate in multiple states by offering registration for services across various states. This feature makes them particularly suitable for businesses that are expanding or have multi-state operations.

The primary reason they lead our list is their exceptional customer service. They invest time to understand your concerns fully, offering solutions tailored to resolve your specific issues instead of rushing interactions. Their commitment to understanding and resolving client issues is a standout trait in the corporate services sector.

They charge an annual fee of $125 for their services, which is slightly above the least expensive option on our list by $25. The additional cost is justified by the superior customer service they provide, making it a valuable investment for the benefits received.


The primary strength of Northwest Registered Agent—extensive customer service—can paradoxically serve as a weakness.

Their customer service is thorough, which is advantageous when you encounter a complex issue that requires attentive resolution. However, this level of detail can lead to inefficiencies, as resolving queries often involves a time-consuming process. A simple, quick call for assistance is not typical with Northwest Registered Agent’s customer support team.

Their approach involves extensive questioning to grasp every aspect of your issue thoroughly before offering any advice or solutions. Often, finding an answer through a quick online search could be much quicker.

This usually poses a minor inconvenience, but if time is of the essence, this thoroughness can transform into a significant drawback.


Northwest Registered Agent secures the top position on our list due to their comprehensive suite of services, competitive pricing as the second most affordable option, user-friendly setup and operation, and robust customer service support.

If you value exceptional customer support and competitive pricing, and need a registered agent that can adapt as your business expands, consider exploring what Northwest Registered Agent has to offer here: Northwest Registered Agent.

Harbor Compliance – 7.92/10 (Top Registered Agent Service)

Harbor Compliance claims the second spot on our list due to their comprehensive suite of services coupled with the most competitive pricing overall.


Harbor Compliance, much like Northwest Registered Agent, offers a full-service registered agent and LLC formation package. Their services include providing a Texas street address, forwarding mail, scanning documents and uploading them to an online portal that you can access through an online account, accepting service of process for your Texas LLC during regular business hours, and issuing compliance form filing reminders to ensure you remain in good standing with the Texas Secretary of State. They also assist with the Certificate of Formation for your LLC.

The process to sign up for their services is straightforward, and it’s easy to register for their services across multiple states. Their computer system is user-friendly, though there is room for some improvements to enhance the experience.

Where Harbor Compliance truly stands out from the competition on this list is their affordability. With an annual fee of just $99, they are $26 cheaper than Northwest Registered Agent and almost $200 less expensive than some of the more premium options available.


The primary critique of Harbor Compliance centers on the adequacy but not excellence of their services. They deliver all the functionalities one would anticipate from a full-service registered agent, yet they lack any standout or premium features, such as identity theft protection. While their system is generally user-friendly, it does require some enhancements for better usability.

Moreover, although their customer service team is prompt in responding to inquiries, their approach doesn’t match the detailed and comprehensive responses provided by Northwest Registered Agent. Consequently, while Harbor Compliance is a reliable choice, it isn’t the premier option available.


Harbor Compliance is a solid, full-service choice that delivers all the essential functions you require from a registered agent, though it lacks premium offerings. Priced at just $99 per year, it provides a cost-effective solution.

If you are open to accepting standard customer service in exchange for more affordable rates, consider exploring Harbor Compliance here: Harbor Compliance.

LegalZoom – 6.59/10 (Top Premium Registered Agent)

For those in search of a high-quality premium service agent, LegalZoom is an excellent choice.


LegalZoom, as a premium service provider, offers all the essentials you would expect from a full-service registered agent, along with several premium features. These include a street address in Texas, mail forwarding, document scanning with online access, acceptance of service of process during business hours on behalf of your Texas LLC, and alerts for compliance form filings to maintain good standing with the Texas Secretary of State. Beyond these standard services, LegalZoom distinguishes itself by providing up to $1 million in identity theft protection.


LegalZoom has some significant limitations that are worth noting.

The primary concern is the cost—LegalZoom charges $299 annually for their services. This is substantially higher than Harbor Compliance’s rate, with the principal added benefit being identity theft protection. Considering the price difference, one could opt for Harbor Compliance for registered agent services and separately purchase identity theft protection, potentially saving money over the $299 fee.

Another significant issue is that registered agent services are not LegalZoom’s primary focus. They represent only a small part of their overall business, which means these services may not receive the attention they require. Furthermore, their computer system is less user-friendly compared to others, and their customer service does not match the high standard set by Northwest Registered Agent.


LegalZoom is a premium service that commands a higher price point than both Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent.

As a well-known and reputable company in the business sector, LegalZoom is recognized by many. However, the high cost of their premium registered agent services, which primarily offer the added benefit of identity theft protection, may not be justified for everyone.

If identity theft protection is a priority for you, you value a ‘big name’ registered agent, or you are already engaged with LegalZoom for other services, it might be worth exploring what they have to offer here: LegalZoom.


ZenBusiness, a newcomer in the Texas registered agent market, offers its services at a fee of $99 per year, initially aligning it with the affordability of Harbor Compliance. They provide a registered office and business address in Texas for use during regular business hours. However, this fee does not cover compliance form deadline notifications, which are essential for maintaining good standing with the Secretary of State; these notifications come with an additional cost of $50 per month. Additionally, their customer service does not match the high standards set by Northwest Registered Agent.

A notable advantage of choosing ZenBusiness is their offer of one year of free registered agent service when you sign up for their LLC formation services, which includes assistance in obtaining your Certificate of Formation. Despite this initial perk, the cumulative costs of their registered agent services and compliance form filing notifications can become expensive over time.

If you are looking for a company that can assist with both LLC formation and registered agent services at a competitive rate, ZenBusiness might be a suitable choice. You can explore more about them here: ZenBusiness review.

IncFile Review

IncFile provides a basic registered agent service for business entities at $119 per year. This service includes a physical address in the state, but it notably lacks compliance form filing notifications, which are critical for maintaining good standing.

IncFile does offer one year of free registered agent service when you sign up for their LLC formation services. Despite this initial benefit, IncFile may not prove to be a cost-effective option for your LLC in the long run.

For more information or to explore their services further, you can visit them here: IncFile.

Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer serves as a more economical alternative to LegalZoom, though their pricing isn’t significantly lower; they charge $149 per year. Specializing primarily in broader legal services, registered agent duties constitute only a minor part of their offerings. The registered agent services they do provide are quite basic, offering just enough to satisfy the Secretary of State requirements with a registered office for your Texas business. However, their customer service does not meet the typical expectations for a registered agent service.

For additional details or to assess what Rocket Lawyer can offer your Texas business, you can check them out here: Rocket Lawyer review.

SunDoc Filings Review

SunDoc Filings operates as both a registered agent and LLC formation service, charging $159 per year for their registered agent services. They provide a business address in the state of Texas, but the scope of their registered agent services for business entities is fairly limited.

InCorp Review

InCorp offers their registered agent services at a competitive rate of $99 per year for your Texas LLC, matching the lowest price point similar to Harbor Compliance.

However, a significant issue with InCorp is their cumbersome computer system, which users find extremely challenging to navigate, turning management tasks into a cumbersome ordeal. Additionally, their customer service is only average, which does little to mitigate the difficulties posed by their complex system. These factors contribute to their lower ranking on this list.

Swyft Filings Review

Swyft Filings operates as a comprehensive registered agent service, delivering all the expected services for an LLC or business entity, including the provision of a Texas office address to receive legal documents and mail. Unlike many other full-service registered agents featured on this list, they also provide compliance form filing notifications. However, their services are priced at $149 per year, placing them among the more expensive options reviewed, which has impacted their ranking on our list.

For a detailed analysis of their offerings, you can access my full review of Swyft Filings.

CSC Global Review

CSC Global is categorized as a premium registered agent service, yet their offerings scarcely qualify as ‘premium.’ They provide a basic service that includes an office address in Texas and cover any state fees associated with changes such as switching your registered agent or altering the address for your Limited Liability Company, online business, or business entity. However, they charge a hefty $299 per year for these services. Considering this rate, you could opt for Northwest Registered Agent or Harbor Compliance as your registered agent, handle the state fees for changes yourself, and still spend less than the $299 charged by CSC Global.

Registered Agents Inc. Review

Registered Agents Inc. offers a similar range of full-service registered agent services comparable to those provided by Northwest Registered Agent. Nonetheless, their annual fee is $200, and their customer service support does not match the high standards of Northwest Registered Agent.

Jumpstart Filings Review

Jumpstart Filings provides registered agent and LLC formation services. However, with an annual fee of $150, their services come at a premium.

In contrast to several other LLC formation services mentioned in this list, Jumpstart Filings does not include free registered agent services upon registration.

Registered Agent Review Summary

Northwest Registered Agent secured our highest ranking owing to their comprehensive registered agent services and exceptional customer service. They offer these services at an annual cost of $125, which is $174 less than some other providers on this list!

Their system is user-friendly, with an easy setup process and a straightforward interface. They excel in safeguarding client information and provide timely compliance deadline alerts to help ensure your LLC remains legally compliant.

To register with Northwest Registered Agent, you can visit their website here: Northwest Registered Agent.

Texas Registered Agent Reviews Methodology

Below is the approach we employ to thoroughly investigate and review Texas registered agents.

Why You Should Trust Us

You can trust our guidance because the founder and owner of our business has dedicated considerable time and effort to researching registered agent services and the industry as a whole.

He began his journey needing registered agents for his two businesses. Through exhaustive research and practical experience, he identified the best registered agents for his needs. After deciding to close his businesses, he found himself with a wealth of knowledge about registered agents. Noticing that his friends and others were seeking advice on the same topic, he realized that he was exceptionally well-equipped to provide informed recommendations. This realization transformed into a business where he now assists individuals like you.

He’s turned his personal experience into a professional service, aiming to help you find the ideal registered agent for your LLC in Texas right from the start.

How We Selected the Best Registered Agent

We began our selection process with an extensive list of over 60 registered agent services. From there, we methodically narrowed down our choices to the top three. Here’s how we approached this task:

Stage 1: Reviews

The initial stage involved meticulously reading through an extensive array of online reviews. We gathered these reviews from various sources, including Facebook, TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, and other platforms where users had shared their experiences. The sheer volume of reviews would be overwhelming for the average person to sift through, but we took on this task for you!

Realistically, it was impossible to read every single review, so we focused on those that provided more than just a brief paragraph and offered deeper insights into the companies and their services. This allowed us to filter out companies that were clearly scams or had deceptive pricing practices (more on that later).

Stage 2: Website Analysis

After narrowing down our list in the first stage, the next step was to thoroughly examine the websites of the remaining services.

During this analysis, we evaluated various aspects, including the range of services or products offered, the number of customer support contact options available, their location, company history, and any awards mentioned on their website.

This investigation provided a comprehensive view of their sales pitch and the services they advertised.

Stage 3: Speaking With Real Customers

We quickly realized that online reviews and website analysis alone couldn’t provide the complete picture. Engaging with actual customers offered invaluable insights into the true quality of the services provided, beyond what was merely advertised.

We contacted customers who had used our site to find registered agents, as well as those who visited our site already enrolled with registered agents. We inquired about the services they sought and their experiences with the services received.

Their candid feedback revealed how effectively each registered agent supported their businesses.

Stage 4: Speaking With Their Sales Team

The final stage of our investigation involved contacting the sales teams of each registered agent service. We compiled all the negative feedback, customer complaints, and critical reviews we had gathered and directly questioned the sales teams about them.

This stage provided significant insights. While some companies acknowledged the feedback and explained how they used it to improve their services, others dismissed the criticism, attributing it to ‘crazy’ customers and advising us to ignore it.

This process allowed us to distinguish the reliable companies from the unreliable ones, ensuring that we are completely confident in the choices on our list.

If you’re looking for the Best LLC Service in Texas you can check out our list here.

Rating Factors

The 12 registered agents on our list were evaluated based on the following criteria:

Factor 1: Offerings

The first and arguably most crucial factor in our rating scale was the range of service offerings. If a registered agent does not provide the services you need, other factors become nearly irrelevant. If they don’t fulfill your requirements, there’s no reason to hire them.

Key aspects we examined included whether the agent allowed online access to documents instead of merely forwarding them, if they provided compliance notifications rather than just a calendar, and whether they offered concrete identity theft protection services as opposed to vague security guarantees.

Companies with a comprehensive range of services rose to the top of our list, while those with limited offerings fell to the bottom.

Factor 2: Price

Our second evaluation criterion was price. It’s easy for individuals to become confused during their research because the cost for similar services can vary greatly between registered agents.

Through our investigation, we identified three pricing tiers for registered agents: budget, full-service, and premium.

  • Budget services generally range from $39 to $59 per year.
  • Full-service agents typically cost between $99 and $129 per year.
  • Premium services start at $299 per year.

We prioritized services that offered the best value at the lowest price, ranking them higher. Conversely, those providing minimal services at high prices were placed lower on the list.

We excluded certain budget services from our list due to misleading pricing practices. Although they advertised a $39 annual fee, their offerings were extremely basic. To access the standard services expected from a registered agent, customers had to pay additional fees, which often equaled the cost of some premium agents, without receiving equivalent premium services in return.

Factor 3: Ease of Signup

Our third criterion was the ease of signing up with the service. It can be incredibly frustrating to find a registered agent that meets your needs and budget, only to encounter a lengthy and complicated setup process involving extensive paperwork.

To ensure your business isn’t delayed by a protracted signup process, we evaluated how easy it was to get started with each company.

Companies with a simple, streamlined, and automated signup process received higher rankings on our list. Conversely, those requiring excessive documentation, complicated procedures, or lengthy wait times were rated much lower.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

While setting up the system should be straightforward, it often isn’t due to some registered agents having difficult-to-navigate platforms.

Our fourth evaluation criterion focused on the ease of use of their computer systems. Texas registered agents with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that were easy to learn ranked higher on our list. Conversely, those with outdated, slow, and confusing systems were placed lower.

Factor 5: Customer Service

Regardless of how user-friendly a computer system is, there will inevitably be times when you need to contact customer service for assistance. The quality of customer service can significantly impact your experience, determining whether a problem is resolved swiftly and satisfactorily or whether you end up feeling frustrated and stuck with the same issue for hours or even days.

Texas registered agents with responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service teams that efficiently addressed inquiries ranked higher on our list. Those with less effective customer support were rated lower.

In Conclusion

For Texas businesses, choosing the right registered agent is crucial. The appropriate agent will ensure your business meets all compliance deadlines, provide your LLC with a Texas address, complete the necessary agent forms, assist with Form 401, handle franchise tax matters, and manage any filing fees to maintain good standing with the Texas Secretary of State while keeping your information private.

We evaluated over 60 registered agent companies in Texas and found that Northwest Registered Agent stands out as the top choice. They offer comprehensive services, including a Texas office address, mail forwarding, acceptance of service of process, and notifications for upcoming compliance deadlines. They prioritize the security of your information and boast the best customer service in the industry. Additionally, with offices in all 50 states, they can support your Texas LLC as it grows.

If you’re in need of a registered agent, consider Northwest Registered Agent. You can find more information here: Northwest Registered Agent.