Best Florida Registered Agent Services (2024 Update)

Selecting a suitable registered agent is of utmost importance for small businesses and LLCs operating in Florida. The consequences of making the wrong choice can be severe, putting your company, personal information, and assets at risk.

A competent registered agent will ensure compliance with state regulations while safeguarding your personal details from public records. Conversely, an inadequate registered agent can jeopardize your entire business, exposing your personal information to scammers and leaving your assets vulnerable to litigation.

To protect your company, identity, and personal assets, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate registered agent for your Florida-based business, corporation, or LLC. Our team has meticulously assessed over 60 registered agent services using a rigorous 4-stage methodology and evaluated them based on five essential criteria.

As a result of this comprehensive analysis, we have identified the top registered agent in Florida to meet your needs.

1. Northwest Registered Agent — 9.13/10 (The Ultimate Registered Agent Service for Florida Businesses)

Northwest Registered Agent distinguishes itself as our leading choice for the best registered agent service in Florida, offering a comprehensive suite of services that not only guarantees compliance with the legal requirements set forth by the Florida Department of State but also delivers unrivaled customer support.


Northwest Registered Agent shines in providing a broad spectrum of crucial services for Florida businesses. They offer a registered office address in Florida, safeguard your personal information from those with nefarious intentions, and manage all your mail forwarding requirements. Furthermore, they digitize your vital documents, making them accessible through an intuitive online portal 24/7, and provide a compliance alerts calendar to keep you informed about critical deadlines, such as your annual report filing.

Setting up and navigating their system is effortless, even if you need a registered agent across multiple states. Their customer support team is responsive, courteous, and efficient, addressing your concerns promptly.

What truly sets Northwest Registered Agent apart is their exceptional customer support. Unlike the growing trend of companies outsourcing customer support to undertrained operators lacking real-world industry experience, Northwest Registered Agent boasts a US-based team of ex-lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs. When you contact them, they take the time to understand your unique situation and goals, tailoring their advice to ensure you receive the most appropriate guidance from the outset.

At a competitive price of $125 per year, just $26 more than the most affordable option on the market, Northwest Registered Agent is our top recommendation.


The only potential drawback with Northwest Registered Agent is that their customer support team’s thoroughness and attentiveness may occasionally lead to slight delays when seeking a quick response to a simple query. However, in an era where customer support standards are rapidly declining, this is a remarkably minor issue.


Northwest Registered Agent offers a comprehensive package of services to help you meet your compliance requirements and deadlines through an intuitive online system, all for a reasonable annual fee of $125. When combined with their exceptional customer support team, they are the clear choice for the best registered agent in Florida. If you’re in search of a reliable Florida registered agent, look no further than Northwest Registered Agent.

2. Harbor Compliance – 7.92/10 (Most Cost-Effective Registered Agent)

For those seeking to save $26 annually and are willing to forgo the additional support provided by Northwest Registered Agent, Harbor Compliance presents a dependable and economical alternative.


Harbor Compliance offers all the essential services required to ensure compliance with the legal requirements set by the Florida Department of State and Division of Corporations.

They provide the crucial business address within Florida, forward your mail (while scanning and uploading important documents to their online portal), receive legal notifications on your behalf, and notify you of any upcoming compliance deadlines.

Their system is easy to access and navigate once you’re logged in.


Although Harbor Compliance performs all the necessary tasks to a satisfactory level, they do not go above and beyond in any particular aspect of their service.

They fulfill all the basic requirements without offering any additional “nice-to-have” features. While their system is generally straightforward and intuitive to use, there are a few glitches that need to be addressed. Their customer support is adequate, ensuring that you receive a reasonable answer within an acceptable timeframe.

Despite being proficient in most areas, they do not excel in any specific aspect of their service.


Harbor Compliance delivers all the necessary services to meet your state legal requirements at the most affordable price on the market.

If you’re looking to reduce your operating expenses by a small margin and are willing to compromise on superior customer support, Harbor Compliance may be the right choice for you.

3. LegalZoom – 6.59/10 (Premier Registered Agent Service)

LegalZoom ranks third on our list and is recognized as the top premium registered agent service in Florida.


Choosing LegalZoom as your registered agent means partnering with a large, trusted, and well-established player in the business services industry. They have a strong reputation for delivering on their promises and have been in operation for longer than I’ve been in business, indicating their likelihood of long-term stability.

The primary advantage of using a premium Florida registered agent service is that, in addition to the basic services (business address, identity protection, mail forwarding, etc.), you receive $1,000,000 worth of identity theft insurance.

In today’s technological landscape, where hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and underhanded in their attempts to defraud everyday people, having this type of insurance is a significant advantage.


Unfortunately, LegalZoom appears to leverage its status as a large, established player with a strong reputation to provide less value in their offering.

At $299 per state per year, they are more than twice the cost of Northwest Registered Agent. Identity theft insurance costs less than the $176 annual difference, indicating that you’re not receiving any additional value by choosing this route.

Furthermore, as LegalZoom’s core product is templated legal documents, they devote significantly less attention and focus to their registered agent service. Consequently, their system is less optimized, and their customer support is less knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to registered agent-related inquiries.


LegalZoom is a large, established, and reputable company that provides a premium registered agent service. If you place a high value on identity theft protection being included in your registered agent service, they are an excellent choice. However, if you prioritize value for money, optimized systems, and knowledgeable support, there are far better alternatives available.

Here are the results of our brief reviews of ten additional Florida registered agent services:

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness, an LLC formation service, provides all the essential features you would expect from a registered agent. However, they have an unusual two-tier pricing structure.

The base tier, priced at $99 per state annually, includes all the services offered by Northwest Registered Agent, with one significant omission – compliance alerts. To access their compliance alert system, you must upgrade to the higher tier, which costs an additional $50 per state per year. This pricing structure may be attributed to their primary focus on LLC formation services (which you can read our comprehensive review of here) rather than registered agent services, resulting in a less optimized offering. Regardless of the reason, ZenBusiness remains more expensive than Northwest Registered Agent and does not provide the same level of support.

5. IncFile Review

IncFile offers a no-frills registered agent service that includes a physical address in Florida, accessible during standard business hours. However, they do not provide any additional features, such as annual report filing reminders or support with your articles of organization.

Although their pricing is set at $119 per state annually, their customer support falls significantly short of the standard set by Northwest Registered Agent. As a result, we do not recommend IncFile as a top choice for registered agent services.

6. Sunshine Corporate Filings Review

Sunshine Corporate Filings is one of the registered agent services priced below $60, which I discuss in the price comparison section below. I’ve included them in this review as they specifically cater to Florida, and I frequently receive inquiries about their services.

For an annual fee of $35, Sunshine Corporate Filings provides a street address in Florida that is accessible during standard business hours, along with mail forwarding. However, there are significant limitations to their service. You are only entitled to five pieces of non-state mail forwarded per year, and they do not offer document scanning, online portal access, or identity theft protection. If you require any of these features, which are commonly provided by many registered agents, you can expect to pay well over an additional $120 per year.

7. Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer presents itself as a more affordable alternative to LegalZoom, the established leader in the industry. However, their “cheaper” registered agent service still comes at a cost of $149 per state annually. While they do provide a street address in Florida that is accessible during standard business hours to receive state mail from the Division of Corporations and Department of State, their service offering is more limited compared to Northwest Registered Agent, which charges only $125 per year.

For a more comprehensive overview of Rocket Lawyer‘s products and online legal services, please refer to my detailed review.

8. SunDoc Filings Review

SunDoc Filings is yet another run-of-the-mill registered agent service that charges $159 annually without providing an alert system for filing your annual reports. While they do ensure that you receive crucial legal documents from the Secretary of State and the Division of Corporations, it begs the question: why would anyone choose to pay a higher price for a more limited service?

9. InCorp Review

InCorp presents an intriguing case. As another LLC formation company, they offer a service range comparable to Harbor Compliance at an identical annual price of $99 per state.

However, the reason they find themselves relegated to this section alongside other registered agent services that are not worth your time is due to their system’s poor usability. InCorp’s platform is cumbersome, perplexing, counter-intuitive, and ultimately frustrating to navigate, making it a less desirable choice for those seeking a smooth and efficient experience.

10. Swyft Filings Review

Swyft Filings, another LLC formation company, finds itself in a similar situation as many of the registered agent services mentioned in this “other” list. They offer only the most basic services and charge $149 for the privilege.

Their barebones approach provides little value for the price, making them an unappealing choice for those seeking a comprehensive registered agent service. If you’re interested in learning more about what Swyft Filings has to offer, I recommend reading my detailed review of their services.

11. CSC Global Review

CSC Global positions itself as a premium registered agent service, charging $299 per state annually. The sole advantage of using their service is that they will cover any state filing fees associated with changing your address from your current registered agent. However, they do not provide compliance alerts, and their customer support leaves much to be desired.

Considering that the cost of changing your address is less than $176, it is advisable to use CSC Global only if you are already utilizing their other services and would prefer to manage all your services within a single dashboard. Otherwise, the high price point and limited features make them a less attractive option compared to other registered agent services on the market.

12. Registered Agents Inc. Review

Registered Agents Inc. stands out as the sole company on this list that focuses exclusively on registered agent services. Despite their specialized approach, they charge a hefty $200 per state annually. Given the absence of any additional benefits to justify the higher cost, it is difficult to recommend their services.

While one might expect a company dedicated solely to registered agent services to offer superior features or exceptional support, Registered Agents Inc. fails to deliver on these fronts. Their pricing structure appears to be a premium without providing any tangible advantages over other registered agent services in the market. As such, it is advisable to explore alternative options that offer better value for money and a more comprehensive range of features.

13. Jumpstart Filings Review

Jumpstart Filings is yet another registered agent service that offers only the most basic features at a price point of $129 per state annually. They do not distinguish themselves from the numerous other barebones services available in the market.

With their limited offerings and lack of any notable advantages, Jumpstart Filings fails to justify their pricing structure. Customers seeking a registered agent service would be better served by exploring other options that provide a more comprehensive set of features and benefits at a similar or lower cost. Jumpstart Filings, in its current form, does not present a compelling case for choosing their services over the competition.

Methodology for Reviewing Florida Registered Agents

Here’s the approach we used to reach our conclusions and recommendations.

Why Our Analysis Is Trustworthy

When it comes to selecting a Florida registered agent service, you can trust our judgment because we have unparalleled experience in this domain.

Firstly, as a business owner, I had to personally navigate the process of finding the best registered agent for my two ventures. Determined to avoid dealing directly with the Florida Division of Corporations or Department of State and potentially missing a service of process, I invested countless hours sifting through an overwhelming amount of promotional material from various registered agent services, trying to separate facts from exaggerated claims.

I dedicated a significant portion of my time, more than I could spare, to reading online reviews and incurred substantial phone bills while engaging with sales and customer support representatives from at least a dozen registered agent services.

Secondly, I have assisted thousands of individuals, just like you, in identifying the most suitable registered agent service for their businesses. The experience of guiding some of my close friends from the local business community through this process made me realize not only the pressing need for clarity and simplification in this area but also that I was uniquely positioned to provide it.

Since the launch of my website, I have helped thousands of people save the countless hours I spent searching for the right support, and I am confident that I can extend the same assistance to you.

Methodology for Selecting the Premier Florida Registered Agent

Our approach to identifying the best Florida registered agent involved a comprehensive 4-stage process.

Phase 1: Analyzing Online Feedback

The initial phase of our research involved examining reviews of over 60 registered agent services currently available in the market. We scoured various online review platforms, including TrustPilot, Better Business Bureau, Google Business, Facebook, and others, to gauge customer sentiment and experiences.

This step allowed us to efficiently eliminate nearly 50 registered agent services that employed a common and highly unethical pricing structure, saving us valuable time and resources.

Phase 2: Evaluating Website Offerings

After removing the obvious scams from consideration, we proceeded to assess the offerings of the remaining 13 registered agent services. This involved a thorough analysis of their sales pages, support channels, “About” sections, and direct communication with their customer service teams to clarify any ambiguities.

The result of this phase was a concise 13 row by 24 column spreadsheet that provided a clear breakdown of each service’s basic offerings.

Phase 3: Gathering Insights from Actual Customers

While a company’s website and sales team can provide information about their offerings, it is their customers who can attest to the quality of their services. We sought to understand the efficiency, effectiveness, politeness, and problem-solving abilities of each registered agent service.

To gain a comprehensive understanding, we reached out to individuals we had previously assisted in finding a registered agent, as well as new visitors to our website who were in search of such services. This approach allowed us to gather firsthand accounts of their experiences, providing a well-rounded perspective on each service provider.

Phase 4: Engaging with Sales Teams

The final phase of our analysis involved direct communication with each company’s sales team. Although their information may be biased and one-sided, this interaction provided valuable insights into how well they incorporate feedback and improve their services accordingly.

We confronted their sales staff with the complaints uncovered through online reviews and customer conversations, observing their ability to acknowledge mistakes and implement improvements. We also paid close attention to whether they took ownership of their shortcomings or shifted blame to their clients.

This process shed light on the company culture behind each organization, revealing whether they valued continuous improvement or resorted to blaming others for their failures.

If you are looking for Best LLC Services in Florida, check out our list here.

Evaluating Florida Registered Agents: Our Rating Criteria

To thoroughly assess the remaining 13 Florida registered agents, we employed a multi-faceted rating system based on five crucial factors.

Factor 1: Service Offerings

Florida registered agent services offer a wide array of products and solutions. Some provide only the bare essentials, such as a physical address in Florida, keeping personal details off public records, serving as a point of contact during business hours, and forwarding mail.

Others go above and beyond, offering additional features like same-day scanning and uploading of important documents (e.g., service of process), assistance with articles of organization, and reminders for annual reports and other crucial deadlines. Some even provide identity theft protection to safeguard your personal information.

Our first step in determining the best Florida registered agent was to evaluate each service based on the breadth and depth of their offerings.

Factor 2: Pricing

Just as the range of products and services varies among registered agents, so does the cost of these offerings. Some services claim to be as affordable as $39 per year, while premium options can cost nearly $300 annually.

The next stage in our rating process involved ranking each service based on their return on investment, determining which provider offers the most value for your money.

We closely scrutinized a large group of Florida registered agents advertising prices between $39 and $59 per year. Our investigation revealed that while the initial sign-up cost might match the advertised price, accessing the basic level of service offered by most registered agent services could cost an additional $120 or more per year.

We consider this deceptive pricing strategy to be wholly unethical, and as a result, any registered agent service employing such tactics was immediately disqualified from our analysis, regardless of their location within or outside of Florida.

Factor 3: Ease of Registration

Few things are more frustrating than finding a provider that offers a wide range of products and services at a competitive price, only to spend weeks navigating their complicated registration process.

To ensure you don’t waste valuable time setting up your registered agent service, we rated Florida registered agent services based on the simplicity of their sign-up process. We considered factors such as the number of fields to complete, forms to sign, and whether they required any unusual or inconvenient steps, like sending certified fingerprint copies via carrier pigeon to a European office.

We personally signed up for each service to assess the ease of getting started and documented any challenges encountered along the way.

Factor 4: User-Friendliness

While an easy sign-up process is essential, it’s equally important that the system itself is user-friendly. Spending hours navigating a clunky and confusing backend system to perform even the most basic tasks can lead to frustration and wasted time.

To prevent you from ending up with a registered agent service that causes unnecessary stress and frustration, we rated the services based on the simplicity and intuitiveness of their systems. We logged in, explored the platforms, attempted to perform essential tasks, and took note of any points of confusion or difficulty.

Factor 5: Customer Support

No matter how well-designed a system is or how much effort is put into crafting a seamless user experience, challenges, barriers, and glitches are inevitable. In these moments, the quality of customer support is paramount.

An organization with excellent customer service can alleviate stress and hassle, allowing you to focus on more important matters. On the other hand, dealing with subpar support can be as frustrating as trying to reach a government office at lunchtime on a Thursday.

To assess the level of customer service provided by each Florida registered agent service, we contacted their support teams with straightforward questions. We evaluated their response times, efficiency, the number of people we needed to speak with to obtain a helpful answer, and the overall helpfulness and courtesy of their representatives.

Summary of the Best Florida Registered Agent Reviews

After thoroughly investigating over 60 registered agent services and evaluating the top 13, here are my three primary recommendations.

The Premier Registered Agent Service in Florida – Northwest Registered Agent (9.08/10)

Northwest Registered Agent earns my top recommendation, as they offer all the essential services for $125 per year, coupled with exceptional customer support.

They cover all your basic needs, including providing your business with a registered street address in Florida to receive service of process, legal notifications, and other official state mail from the Division of Corporations and Florida Department of State. They also keep your personal details off public records, serve as your legal point of contact, and ensure you remain in good standing.

Moreover, Northwest Registered Agent goes above and beyond by offering additional benefits. They scan and upload all mail on the same day it’s received, provide an online account access portal for all your legal documents, send alerts for important business compliance dates (such as filing your annual report), and offer discounts for multiple state and multi-year registrations.

However, what truly sets them apart is their outstanding customer support. Their US-based team, consisting of former accountants, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, possesses firsthand experience in dealing with most common (and some uncommon) challenges encountered when starting and running a business. They provide sound, reliable, and actionable advice to help your business move in the right direction.

If you’re in need of a Florida registered agent, I highly recommend visiting Northwest Registered Agent now.

Most Cost-Effective Registered Agent Service – Harbor Compliance (7.92/10)

For those looking to save $26 annually and are willing to sacrifice the patient and courteous support provided by Northwest Registered Agent, Harbor Compliance serves as a dependable alternative.

Harbor Compliance offers all the essential services needed to maintain good standing with the Division of Corporations and Florida Department of State, much like Northwest Registered Agent. These services include a registered business address, a legal point of contact, and mail scanning and forwarding.

Their online system is relatively intuitive and user-friendly, and while their customer support may not match the exceptional level of Northwest Registered Agent, it is still sufficiently reliable to guide you through most challenges.

If you’re operating on a tight budget and feel comfortable with a lower level of support, Harbor Compliance is worth considering.

Premier Florida Registered Agent Service – LegalZoom (6.59/10)

For those seeking a Florida registered agent service that offers additional features, LegalZoom presents a viable option.

LegalZoom provides the essential services you need, including a registered address in Florida for receiving service of process and other official state mail, mail forwarding, and scanning of all your important documents. However, they also offer one unique feature that sets them apart from Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent: identity theft insurance.

When you choose LegalZoom as your Florida registered agent, they include $1,000,000 of identity theft insurance as part of your subscription package.

While this feature comes at a cost that is more than double the annual registration fee of Harbor Compliance (and can be purchased separately for less than the $176 price difference between the two), if you absolutely require identity theft insurance to be included in the services provided by your registered agent and are willing to forgo compliance alert notifications for your annual report filing, LegalZoom may be the right choice for you.

To learn more about their offerings, visit LegalZoom.

The Best Florida Registered Agent Service: A Comprehensive Overview

Selecting the right registered agent is essential not only for ensuring compliance with all necessary state requirements but also for keeping your personal information off the public record and safeguarding your personal assets.

After thoroughly investigating over 60 registered agents and reviewing 13 of them, I have determined that Northwest Registered Agent is the best registered agent service in Florida.

Northwest Registered Agent offers all the essential services you need from a registered agent, including:

  • An official street address in the state of Florida to receive service of process and other legal notifications from the Florida Division of Corporations and Florida Department of State
  • Mail forwarding services
  • Mail scanning services
  • Online access to your documents
  • Assistance with filing your articles of organization
  • Alerts and reminders about important compliance dates, such as filing your annual reports

Moreover, Northwest Registered Agent provides these services at a competitive price of $125 per state per year through their user-friendly online registration and management system. They also offer exceptional support through their US-based customer service team, which comprises former accountants, lawyers, and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in business matters.

If you’re in search of an outstanding Florida registered agent service, I highly recommend visiting Northwest Registered Agent to explore their offerings and get started.