Best Arizona Registered Agent Services (2024 Update)

Choosing the ideal registered agent is crucial for any business operating in Arizona.

A reliable Arizona registered agent will help you avoid critical paperwork errors and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal and company data are entirely secure.

An unreliable Arizona registered agent, on the other hand, offers no such assurance and can waste your precious time and resources while overcharging for their subpar services.

To help you make an informed decision, I have thoroughly researched more than 60 registered agents, evaluated the top 12, and provided detailed reviews of the three best options. Here are my recommendations for the premier Arizona registered agent services:

1. Northwest Registered Agent Review — 9.13/10 (The Premier Choice)

Northwest Registered Agent is my top recommendation for the best statutory agent service in Arizona, as they offer a comprehensive suite of services coupled with unparalleled customer support. Their focus extends beyond merely ensuring your business is properly registered; they are committed to fostering your overall success.


Northwest Registered Agent excels in every facet of their operations. They keep you informed about any regulatory changes that may impact your business, provide a statutory agent to accept documents (such as service of process) on your behalf during regular business hours, and assist you in navigating all legal obstacles related to establishing your business in Arizona. Additionally, they forward your mail and safeguard your data and information.

Moreover, Northwest Registered Agent offers the best LLC service in Arizona.

They go the extra mile by scanning and uploading all your documents, which are easily accessible through a user-friendly website. They also create a personalized calendar and send you alerts regarding important document deadlines, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of running your business with peace of mind.

However, what truly sets Northwest Registered Agent apart is their exceptional customer service. The moment you speak with one of their representatives, it becomes evident that you are not dealing with a call center or an overworked operator who simply wants to direct you to a website. Instead, Northwest Registered Agent’s team comprises former small business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and accountants, whose collective experience and knowledge far surpass that of their competitors.

The customer representatives at Northwest Registered Agent are equipped to answer questions that go well beyond the due date of your next annual report. They are genuine small business advisors, not just sales representatives. No other provider in the industry comes close to matching this level of customer care.

Despite their outstanding reputation, Northwest Registered Agent offers competitive pricing. For just $125* per year, which is less than $30 more than the cheapest agents on this list, you can have the best in the business working for you.


On rare occasions, the phrase “too much of a good thing” may come to mind when dealing with Northwest Registered Agent. Their thoroughness sometimes means that a quick question may not always be met with an equally quick answer, and you might find yourself on the phone for a few minutes longer than anticipated.

However, this is a minor complaint, considering that the trade-off for the occasional inconvenience when asking simple questions is the assurance of receiving accurate, expert advice on more complex matters.


Northwest Registered Agent is, by far, my top choice for the best statutory agent in Arizona.

For $125 per year, they provide all the tools necessary to meet filing deadlines and comply with state regulations, and their industry-leading customer service makes the decision even more straightforward.

If you want to ensure compliance with legal requirements while receiving top-notch small business support, sign up with Northwest Registered Agent now.

Prices are per state, per year.

2. Harbor Compliance Review — 7.92/10 (The Most Affordable Registered Agent)

If you are working with a very limited budget and can forgo the additional benefits offered by Northwest Registered Agent, Harbor Compliance is a dependable Arizona registered agent service to consider. At current pricing, Harbor Compliance can save you approximately $30 per year compared to Northwest Registered Agent.


Harbor Compliance provides a no-frills service that ensures you meet all your legal obligations as required by the state of Arizona.

You’ll be provided with a physical street address in Arizona that is accessible during regular business hours to receive legal notices, such as service of process, and they will promptly forward your mail.

They will upload any important notifications or other mailings directly to your online portal for immediate access and alert you to any upcoming filing deadlines. For particularly time-sensitive documents, such as notices of lawsuits, they will contact you by phone to ensure you are informed.


When evaluating Harbor Compliance, nothing particularly stands out as exceptional. They will meet your most basic requirements but won’t impress you with their customer service or any other aspect of their business. Setting up your online account is straightforward, and issues that require customer support assistance are resolved within a reasonable timeframe, but without a sense of urgency.


Harbor Compliance seems satisfied with providing the minimum level of service and support necessary to offer the lowest price among Arizona statutory agents. In this respect, they succeed. While they won’t leave you impressed, they also won’t leave you without the essentials.

If your budget doesn’t allow for the extra expense to obtain superior service and customer support, Harbor Compliance may be the right choice for you.

3. LegalZoom Review — 6.59/10 (The Top Premium Registered Agent)

LegalZoom is a well-established company that provides a wide range of legal services and emerges as my top pick for premium registered agents in Arizona.


LegalZoom is the trusted giant in the business services industry. Their reputation and longevity make them the first name that comes to mind when considering accessible and reliable legal services of all kinds, both in Arizona and beyond.

In the realm of registered agents, LegalZoom is primarily known for their valuable add-on. In addition to comprehensive statutory agent services, which include mail forwarding, service of process, and a business address, they offer $1,000,000 worth of identity theft insurance.

Identity theft insurance is a rare offering among statutory agents and could prove invaluable in protecting your business should you fall victim to hackers or other cybercriminals.


LegalZoom’s services come at a premium. They leverage their well-earned reputation to justify higher prices, charging $299, which is more than double the cost of Northwest Registered Agent. Moreover, their steep rates do not provide the same level of personalized attention that you would receive from smaller registered agent companies.

While identity theft insurance is a valuable perk, it can also be purchased separately from various insurance agents or cybersecurity firms. Paying for insurance from another provider and hiring a different registered agent in Arizona would still cost less than $299.

Additionally, LegalZoom’s customer support may not be as specialized as that of other statutory agents, as they handle inquiries related to a wide range of legal issues. As a result, specific questions regarding registered agent services in Arizona may sometimes get overlooked.


LegalZoom is a well-established and reputable company that will meet all your basic needs as an Arizona registered agent. However, they do so at a premium price without providing the same level of individualized and knowledgeable service that you would receive from other statutory agents. While their identity theft insurance is a significant benefit, it may not fully justify their higher prices.

To learn more about LegalZoom, visit their website.

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is primarily an LLC formation service that also provides registered agent services in Arizona. Their popular Pro package, priced at $199, includes a range of features such as stress-free annual report compliance alerts and filing, access to an Employer Identification Number for managing your business’s tax returns, a banking resolution to facilitate financial transfers on behalf of your company, and an expedited document filing process to ensure your official documents are submitted in a timely manner.

The reason ZenBusiness ranks fourth on this list is that their main focus is on LLC formation services rather than registered agent services, which means they haven’t fully optimized their registered agent offerings. Despite this, their pricing remains higher than that of Northwest Registered Agent, and they do not provide the same level of support.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive analysis of ZenBusiness’s products and services, I recommend reading my detailed ZenBusiness review for more information.

5. IncFile

IncFile offers a bare-bones service that includes a physical Arizona address accessible during regular business hours to receive service of process on your behalf. However, they do not provide additional support, such as filing alerts or other assistance, which are often offered by more comprehensive statutory agent services.

At $119 per year, IncFile’s pricing is not particularly competitive, especially considering the limited value they offer. If budget is your primary concern, Harbor Compliance is a more attractive option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a broader range of services, Northwest Registered Agent is available for just a slightly higher cost.

6. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer was founded with the goal of competing with LegalZoom by offering a wide range of online legal services at more affordable prices.

While their pricing is indeed more competitive than LegalZoom‘s, Rocket Lawyer’s services are still relatively expensive at $149 per year. Moreover, they do not offer the same level of comprehensive services or personalized attention that you would receive from a more specialized Arizona registered agent.

For a detailed analysis of Rocket Lawyer’s products and services, I recommend reading my in-depth Rocket Lawyer review.

7. SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings charges a higher price than Rocket Lawyer while providing a similarly limited level of service. With an annual fee of $159, which does not even include filing alerts, it is difficult to recommend SunDoc Filings as a viable option for your Arizona registered agent needs.

8. InCorp

InCorp could very well take the #3 spot instead of Harbor Compliance, as they offer the same pricing and essential services to help you stay compliant with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Arizona Secretary of State. However, there is a significant drawback that makes a difference.

The main issue with InCorp is the difficulty of using their system. Their online account interface feels more cumbersome than convenient. A website redesign would significantly enhance their ranking.

9. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings falls short in terms of price-to-quality ratio. Charging $149 for only the basic services, they fail to meet both budgetary constraints and assurance needs.

For a detailed overview of their offerings, you can read my Swyft Filings review.

10. CSC Global

CSC Global markets itself as a “premium” Arizona registered agent service, with a hefty price tag of $299. Unfortunately, their offerings do not justify this high cost. Their customer service is subpar compared to other statutory agents, and they lack basic conveniences like compliance alerts.

One distinct advantage CSC Global provides is covering the $176 filing fee to change your address from your previous registered agent in Arizona. However, even with this benefit, the overall service remains overpriced for what you receive.

11. Registered Agents Inc.

Registered Agents Inc. differs from other companies on this list by solely acting as statutory agents, without offering additional services. While this focused approach could be beneficial compared to competitors with broader offerings, their $200 fee doesn’t translate into substantial value. They manage service of process, provide an address, and forward your mail, but their services don’t extend much further.

12. Jumpstart Filings

Jumpstart Filings exemplifies the trend of statutory agents charging more for minimal services. At $129 per year, they provide basic essentials such as a street address in Arizona and service of process, but nothing beyond that.

Registered Agent Review Summary

After evaluating over 60 registered agents in Arizona, I identified 12 that deserved detailed reviews. Among these, Northwest Registered Agent emerged as the top-rated service.

Northwest excels in providing essential services, offers unmatched customer support, and charges a reasonable $125 per year. Their user-friendly web portal and straightforward sign-up process further solidify their position as the best choice.

For businesses in need of a reliable registered agent, Northwest Registered Agent is the clear winner.

Best Registered Agent Review Methodology

Here’s the process I used to identify the top registered agent in Arizona.

Why You Should Trust Me

You can trust my recommendations for selecting an Arizona registered agent because of my extensive business experience and thorough research in this field.

When I founded my first company, I knew I needed a registered agent but didn’t realize the full importance until a costly filing mistake highlighted the need for a reliable service. This experience motivated me to delve deeply into the industry to avoid future errors and ensure compliance with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

I invested countless hours studying the registered agent landscape, identifying key players, and scrutinizing marketing materials to distinguish between companies offering genuine value and those with flashy promotions. I also pored over thousands of online reviews and took the extra step of personally calling the top companies. I spoke with customer service reps, sales teams, and even secretaries, enduring numerous automated answering services.

This extensive effort means I’ve done the legwork for you.

Conversations with fellow Arizona small business owners revealed a shared confusion over the various offerings and pricing schemes in the registered agent market. Initially, I shared my findings with friends, but I soon realized my research could benefit the broader Arizona business community.

This realization led to the creation of this website, which has already helped thousands of Arizona business owners save significant time and effort. I can help you too, giving you back the most valuable resource you have—your time.

How I Selected the Best Registered Agent

I employed a four-step process to identify the best registered agent in Arizona.

Stage 1: Reviews

To narrow down the vast field of Arizona registered agent services, I began with online review sites. By analyzing reviews on Google Business, Facebook, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau, I distinguished legitimate companies from those that were essentially scams. This allowed me to eliminate nearly 50 Arizona statutory agents that employed deceitful pricing structures.

Stage 2: Website Analysis

After filtering out the dishonest agents, I was left with 13 reputable registered agent services in Arizona. I thoroughly examined every page of these companies’ websites and engaged with their customer service teams to understand the specifics of their offerings.

I identified 24 essential features that a good registered agent in Arizona should provide and documented them in a spreadsheet alongside the names of the 13 agents. I marked which services each agent offered, creating a clear visual comparison of their offerings.

Stage 3: Speaking with Real Customers

To assess how effectively these companies delivered their services, I sought to speak with actual customers. While online reviews provided some insights, they often represented extreme opinions and could be manipulated by the companies. Direct conversations with customers allowed me to ask in-depth questions and obtain detailed feedback.

Having previously assisted fellow Arizona business owners in finding statutory agents, I reached out to them for their experiences. Additionally, now that my website is live and assisting many others in choosing the right Arizona statutory agent, I’ve gathered feedback from an even larger group of consumers.

Stage 4: Speaking with Their Sales Team

Finally, I contacted the sales teams of each company. With a solid understanding of each company’s strengths and weaknesses, I addressed specific issues with their sales reps.

Salespeople typically present their companies in the best light, but by asking about particular complaints, I gauged how well they addressed customer feedback, their commitment to service improvement, and their responsiveness to correcting mistakes. These interactions also provided insights into the company’s culture and their customer service approach.

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Rating Factors

From the 60+ statutory agents I initially considered, I ranked the top 13 for your Arizona LLC using five key factors.

Factor 1: Offerings

Arizona registered agent services provide a wide array of products and services. Some only offer the essentials, like a physical Arizona address for service of process and other legal documents, personal detail protection, mail forwarding, and a point of contact during business hours.

Top-tier registered agents also include compliance alerts to keep you in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission, assistance with your Articles of Organization, and instant access to important documents through uploads. Some even offer affordable or premium LLC services.

Additionally, certain companies provide valuable perks such as identity theft insurance. My first step was determining which companies had the best range of offerings.

Factor 2: Value

Pricing among Arizona registered agents varies widely. Due to different pricing schemes, pinpointing the best value for money was sometimes challenging.

For instance, some agents advertise prices as low as $39 per year but end up costing significantly more. Many “budget” agents in the $39–$59 range cover only the basics, with additional services pushing the annual cost up to $120 more.

This deceptive pricing strategy led me to eliminate any agents using such tactics.

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-up

Once you’ve weighed all factors and chosen your Arizona registered agent, the sign-up should be straightforward. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Given the value of your time, especially for small business owners, the complexity and time required for the sign-up process were critical factors in my rating. I created online accounts with each company to test this process, rating them based on how quick and easy it was to complete.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

Beyond the sign-up, I tested the usability of each agent’s online system. Navigating their portals easily was the next rating factor.

I focused on how simple it was to perform minor tasks, such as making profile changes or accessing documents. If I encountered difficulties with these tasks, it counted significantly against the agent.

A counterintuitive site was a major red flag, as small business owners don’t have the time to struggle with clunky systems.

Factor 5: Customer Service

Even a top-notch registered agent service can encounter issues, making good customer service essential.

When problems arise, quick and accurate support is invaluable. I tested customer service by calling each agent’s team with simple questions, rating them on efficiency, responsiveness, helpfulness, courtesy, and the accuracy of their answers. The ease of reaching knowledgeable representatives also factored into my ratings.

The Best Arizona Registered Agent Results Summary

After assessing over 60 statutory agents in Arizona, I selected 13 for thorough evaluation. Here are my top three choices.

Best Overall Registered Agent — Northwest Registered Agent (9.13/10)

Northwest Registered Agent is my top choice for the best Arizona registered agent service due to their comprehensive offerings, exceptional customer support, and competitive pricing at $125 per year.

They excel at providing essential services, including a physical Arizona address, privacy protection, and ensuring compliance with the Arizona Corporation Commission and Secretary of State. They act as your legal point of contact for receiving service of process and other legal notices.

Northwest Registered Agent offers numerous extras without additional charges. They scan and upload your mail the same day, granting instant access to your documents via their user-friendly online portal. They also issue alerts to prevent missing important compliance dates and provide discounts for multi-state registrations or multi-year sign-ups.

Their superior customer service truly sets them apart. The service team comprises former lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs with extensive business experience. They understand your needs and can address questions you may not have considered.

With over 3,000 positive reviews, you can trust that my favorable experience with Northwest Registered Agent is widely shared.

If you need an Arizona registered agent service that goes above and beyond for your business, visit Northwest Registered Agent now.

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Best Budget Registered Agent — Harbor Compliance (7.92/10)

For those on a tight budget, Harbor Compliance offers a basic yet reliable service at $26 less per year compared to other options.

Harbor Compliance ensures your business remains in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. They provide an office address, act as your legal point of contact for receiving service of process and other documents, and handle mail forwarding and scanning of all legal documents.

While their customer support is adequate, it doesn’t quite measure up to the exceptional service provided by Northwest Registered Agent.

If you’re still uncertain, you can find hundreds of positive Harbor Compliance reviews online.

If saving money is your priority over top-tier customer service, Harbor Compliance is a solid choice.

Best Premium Registered Agent — LegalZoom (6.59/10)

LegalZoom is a solid choice if you’re willing to spend a bit more for a reputable name and some additional perks.

Like the other top Arizona statutory agents, LegalZoom covers the basics to keep your business compliant. They provide a physical address in Arizona, handle mail forwarding (including service of process), and scan important documents. What sets LegalZoom apart is their inclusion of a $1,000,000 identity theft insurance policy with your subscription.

While the identity theft insurance is a valuable feature, similar coverage can be obtained elsewhere for less than the price difference between LegalZoom and the more affordable Northwest Registered Agent.

If you find the $1,000,000 policy appealing, don’t mind the $300 annual fee, and aren’t particularly concerned about compliance alert notifications and exceptional customer service, then LegalZoom is a suitable option.

Explore LegalZoom here.

In Conclusion

When starting a business in Arizona, choosing the right registered agent service may not seem like a top priority, but it can prevent critical mistakes and become a valuable asset.

A reliable registered agent ensures you stay in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission, handles service of process, protects your personal assets, and maintains your privacy.

After examining over 60 Arizona statutory agent services and reviewing the top 13, I conducted a thorough four-stage evaluation based on five key factors.

Ultimately, I concluded that Northwest Registered Agent is the best registered agent service in Arizona.

They provide everything you need, including:

  • A street address in Arizona for receiving legal documents and information from the Arizona Corporations Commission
  • Mail forwarding
  • Document scanning
  • Online access to your important documents, including service of process
  • Assistance with your Articles of Organization
  • Compliance alerts to prevent missing key filing deadlines with the Arizona Corporation Commission

Additionally, Northwest Registered Agent offers an intuitive website and a straightforward sign-up process. Their experienced, knowledgeable customer service team comprises former lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs who can guide you through any challenges your company may face.

Northwest Registered Agent provides all these benefits at a competitive rate of $125 per state per year.

If you want to ensure you meet your legal requirements and receive excellent small business support, sign up with Northwest Registered Agent.