Best LLC Service in Colorado (2024 Update)

Discovering a high-quality limited liability company formation service in Colorado is crucial for the success of your business venture.

A reliable LLC service will guide you through the LLC formation process and offer ongoing support throughout your business journey.

An unreliable LLC service can cause delays with your registration documents and waste valuable time that could be better spent on essential business tasks.

To help you make an informed decision, I reviewed and evaluated the 10 top LLC services in Colorado using a four-stage, five-factor, investigative approach to determine which one provides the best services. Here are my findings:

1. Northwest Registered Agent: 9.45/10 (Best Overall LLC Service)

Northwest Registered Agent provides outstanding customer support and a reasonably priced formation package that includes a wide array of services.


Northwest assists you in preparing and filing your articles of organization with the Colorado Secretary of State and helps you draft the operating agreement for your limited liability company.

The package also includes a few other services, such as a 90-day trial of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, allowing you to make affordable phone calls using your broadband connection, a business tax consultation with an in-house accountant, and a year of free registered agent service.

With Northwest’s free registered agent service, you’ll receive a physical address in the state, document retrieval and storage, and compliance alerts to ensure you don’t miss an annual report.

Northwest also offers several comprehensive services available for purchase as needed, including access to an employer identification number (EIN), a Certificate of Good Standing, and certified copies of your formation documents.

One significant feature that distinguishes Northwest Registered Agent from other Colorado LLC formation services on this list is its exceptional customer support.

The Northwest customer service team, known as Corporate Guides, comprises former small business owners, lawyers, and accountants with years of experience running successful businesses. They’re available every day of the week—during regular business hours—to answer any questions about starting and operating a business in Colorado.

This level of assistance can be quite costly, especially for a startup business, so it’s beneficial to find an LLC formation service that includes this as standard.

Northwest Registered Agent’s formation package typically costs $225, but I’ve secured a special deal for our readers, offering an 82% discount if they use my dedicated link to Northwest’s sign-up page.


The only drawback with Northwest Registered Agent is that it does not offer services to help your business or LLC in Colorado build an online presence, such as a personalized business website, business email service, or domain name registration.

However, these services can be obtained from various websites, such as Squarespace, for as low as $15.


Northwest Registered Agent is my top choice for the best LLC service in Colorado because its highly discounted $39 formation package provides all the necessary services to form your Colorado business or LLC.

Its Corporate Guides offer the best business advice in the industry and will assist you whenever you encounter any issues during your business journey.

If you need a business formation service in Colorado that provides affordable services and excellent customer support, visit Northwest Registered Agent today and enjoy an 82% discount.

2. ZenBusiness: 8.25/10 (Best Essentials LLC Service)

You’ll appreciate ZenBusiness’ fee of $0 plus state fees, which is quite appealing. However, the total cost may end up being higher than anticipated.


The most attractive feature is the low fee of $0, which is one of the lowest in the industry. For this price, ZenBusiness will conduct a business name availability search, assist you in filling out your formation documents, and file them on your behalf.

For expedited filing (4–6 days, depending on your state) and help with your operating agreement, you can upgrade to the Pro plan for $199.

For $299, the Premium plan offers rush filing in as little as 1–2 days, a domain name and email address, and a website-building tool.


While it’s great that ZenBusiness provides all the essential services to legally establish your LLC for $0, additional services come at a higher cost.

One notable omission in all ZenBusiness packages is a complimentary year of registered agent service. This service is only included with the Pro plan, which costs $199 per year.

The customer service is adequate but not exceptional. They can handle simple tasks like password resets and updates to contact and billing information but are not well-equipped to address tax questions or assist with logistical or HR issues.


ZenBusiness offers one of the lowest prices at $0. Considering it covers everything necessary to form your LLC and file your paperwork with the appropriate authorities, it provides decent value.

If you’re looking for a company that delivers the basics without any extras, check out ZenBusiness on their website.

3. Harbor Compliance: 7.13/10 (Best Premium LLC Service)

Harbor Compliance offers exceptional customer support for your business in Colorado.


Harbor Compliance’s formation package includes essential services such as an operating agreement template, assistance with filing your Colorado articles of organization, an employer identification number (EIN), and a full year of registered agent services (valued at $99).

The primary difference between Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent lies in their customer service approach.

With Harbor Compliance, you have a personal contact who understands your business challenges and is tailored to your unique situation. There’s no need to deal with an anonymous helpline, as you get a dedicated guide who you can contact whenever your Colorado business faces a new issue. It’s the same person every time you call!


The personalized customer support from Harbor Compliance comes with a higher price tag.

As a premium LLC formation provider, the Harbor Compliance Starter package costs $399, while the upgraded Compliance package is around $799.

This is significantly higher than Northwest Registered Agent and may be out of reach for many, especially those just starting in the business world with limited funds to invest in a premium LLC service.


Harbor Compliance is a premium LLC formation provider that delivers effective services for your Colorado business, with some of the best personalized customer support in the industry.

Though Harbor Compliance’s packages are expensive, the personalized nature of its services provides good value for the money.

If you’re willing to invest $399 for a personal representative who will help you set up your Colorado LLC and offer advice when business challenges arise, visit the Harbor Compliance website today.

4. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is a comprehensive LLC formation provider whose basic package costs $49, offering all the services you’d expect from a Colorado LLC incorporation service. This includes an online portal to access your important documents, assistance with filing your formation paperwork, 30 minutes of free tax advice with in-house accountants, and a registered domain name for your business or LLC in Colorado.

The downside of Swyft Filings is that if you need registered agent services for a full year, it costs $149, which is more than three times the price of Northwest Registered Agent.

Therefore, unless you want to pay more for the same services you get from Northwest, it’s best to consider other options.

5. MyCompanyWorks

For $79 (plus state filing fee), MyCompanyWorks helps you file your articles of organization and assists you with your operating agreement.

Its customer service is comparable to its two main competitors (Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness) and, with 3,500 reviews online, it has received an average rating of 4.5/5.

MyCompanyWorks offers a free year of registered agent service in its premium package, but it costs a hefty $279. Since Northwest Registered Agent charges $39 and includes a free year of registered agent service, MyCompanyWorks doesn’t offer the best value for your LLC in Colorado.

6. Inc Authority

Inc Authority is another pricey Colorado LLC incorporation service that tries to position itself as a budget-friendly option. While it offers free assistance with submitting your articles of organization, the complimentary services stop there.

Its basic package, which costs $399, includes an operating agreement, help with applying for an EIN, and a company seal. A free year of registered agent service is only available in its $799 Premium package.

Even if your business is on a tight budget and you only need to file your LLC formation paperwork, ZenBusiness is a far better option than Inc Authority.

7. Incorporate Fast

Incorporate Fast distinguishes itself from other LLC formation services in Colorado by living up to its name. It promises to process the articles of organization for your LLC in Colorado the same day they receive it if you sign up for their $99 package.

The reason it ranks eighth on my list instead of higher is that it doesn’t offer free tax advice or an online portal to store your documents. However, if you purchase its premium plan for $199, it will apply for an EIN on your behalf, saving you time.

8. BizFilings

BizFilings is another Colorado LLC formation provider offering a basic package for $99. This package includes assistance with submitting your articles of organization and one free year of registered agent services, which includes compliance alerts to help you meet key filing deadlines.

Unlike Northwest Registered Agent, BizFilings does not provide additional services such as an online portal for storing legal documents, operating agreement templates, or a business tax assessment. For $60 less, Northwest Registered Agent offers all of these services.

9. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a legal services company that also provides basic LLC formation services for $99. This includes help with filing your articles of organization and an online portal to store your essential legal documents.

While Rocket Lawyer is a reliable choice for legal representation for yourself or your company, for Colorado LLC services, you should consider other agents on this list that offer better value for money.

10. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is another online legal service provider that offers very basic LLC formation services in Colorado.

Its $99 package includes assistance with filing your formation paperwork and a banking solution for your business—that’s all.

For more comprehensive services, it’s better to hire a full-service LLC formation provider that offers more at a lower cost. While LegalZoom does provide other legal services, unless you’re already using those, it’s not worthwhile to sign up for their LLC formation service.

Other Colorado LLC Services

In my research process, I included the following seven LLC services. While their offerings aren’t particularly noteworthy, I’ve listed them below for thoroughness, in no particular order:

11. offers similar services to Rocket Lawyer. For $99, it provides an online document archiving portal and assistance with submitting your articles of organization.

12. CorpNet

CorpNet’s $79 basic formation package includes compliance alerts and assistance with submitting your articles of organization for your LLC in Colorado. However, it doesn’t offer any additional services.

13. MyCorporation

MyCorporation charges $133 to file your LLC setup documents with the Colorado Secretary of State and assists with drafting your operating agreement. All other services come at an extra cost.

14. Direct Incorporation

Direct Incorporation provides similar services to MyCorporationWorks but includes an EIN and a banking resolution in its formation package. However, it charges $147 for this relatively limited package.

15. InCorp

For $117, InCorp will submit your articles of organization and assist you with your operating agreement. Additional comprehensive services will come at extra costs.

16. Nationwide Incorporations

Nationwide Incorporations offers the same basic services as InCorp but charges $200.

17. SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings offers three packages. Its basic package for $79 ensures your Colorado business documents are filed with the Colorado Secretary of State. The $99 Key package provides support with your operating agreement, while the $279 Premier package includes obtaining an EIN.

The Best LLC Services Review Summary

My review of the 10 best limited liability company incorporation services led me to conclude that Northwest Registered Agent is the top choice for LLC services in Colorado.

Its $39 Formation Package offers all the services you’d expect from a Colorado LLC service, including assistance with submitting your articles of organization, a draft operating agreement, a 90-day trial of VoIP service, and a full year of registered agent service for free. This includes an online document storage portal and a business tax consultation.

Northwest’s Corporate Guides offer support during your business formation process and provide top-class business advice throughout your business journey. When you’re ready to form an LLC and need a provider to help you get started in the business world at a reasonable price, contact Northwest Registered Agent and enjoy an 82% discount.

All fees/costs mentioned are per state per year unless they refer to a one-time filing fee.

Best LLC Services Review Methodology

To determine the best LLC service in Colorado, I used the following method:

Why You Should Trust Me

You should trust my LLC formation provider recommendations because I have dedicated extensive time and resources to investigating the best LLC services industry, more than most would consider reasonable.

My journey began when I created my first limited liability company. Lacking essential knowledge about filing my articles of organization, I decided to hire an LLC formation provider. Unfortunately, the service I hired was overpriced and subpar, making the entire process overwhelming.

For my second business, I hired Northwest Registered Agent. They guided me through the entire setup process seamlessly.

After selling my second business, I sought a new opportunity and opted for a premium LLC formation provider. Harbor Compliance was my choice, offering a personal support representative who assisted me throughout the setup and provided valuable business advice.

My experience extends beyond personal use of these services. While exploring a third business opportunity, I discussed startup processes with friends and noticed a common issue: business advice is often filled with technical jargon that many find confusing or contradictory.

That’s why I created A Platform for Good—to guide entrepreneurs in choosing the right LLC formation company to start their business. Since then, I’ve helped over 1,000 small business owners achieve their goals.

How I Selected the Best LLC Service

I identified the best LLC service through a four-stage investigative process.

Stage 1: Reviews

The first phase involved analyzing the online reviews of over 50 LLC services in Colorado. I spent days combing through review sites like TrustPilot, Google Business, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. Many LLC services in Colorado encourage their customers to share their experiences on these platforms, both positive and negative.

This method allowed me to distinguish between LLC services that offered substandard or even fraudulent packages and those that were legitimate and provided high-quality services.

Stage 2: Website Analysis

After eliminating the subpar services, I visited the websites of the remaining Colorado LLC formation providers. I carefully examined their offerings, claims, and disclosures. This enabled me to understand the core services each company provided, how they differed from one another, and how they positioned themselves in the market.

Stage 3: Speaking With Actual Customers

In this step, I reached out to actual clients to see if these companies were living up to their claims. While online reviews could provide some insights, they often focus on extremely negative or positive experiences.

I spoke with friends who had used LLC formation services, users of my website, and individuals I had previously referred to LLC providers. This allowed me to gather firsthand accounts of their experiences with these companies.

This gave me a clearer picture of what it was like to use each Colorado LLC service.

Stage 4: Speaking With Sales Teams

In the final stage of my research, I contacted the sales and customer service teams of these companies. I urged them to address the negative feedback they had received on online review sites.

This approach helped me evaluate how their support teams handled pressure and criticism.

If you’re looking for Best Registered Agent Service in Colorado, check out our list here.

Rating Factors

While working through the four-stage review process, I used the following five factors to rate these LLC formation services.

Some LLC formation services include a wide range of offerings in their basic packages. These offerings include assistance with filing your initial formation documents, an operating agreement template, a company name and address in the state, help with obtaining an employer identification number, online access to your important documents, and a full year of their registered agent service.

Factor 1: Offerings

Other LLC services only help with the basic steps involved in setting up your business or LLC in Colorado, omitting additional services from their basic plan or including them in higher-priced plans. I ranked these companies lower to highlight those that provide more comprehensive services at reasonable prices.

Factor 2: Price

The next factor in my analysis was price. It’s crucial to avoid spending your startup capital on an LLC service only to run out of funds to operate your business in Colorado.

Some LLC services charge $0 for their basic offerings, while others may charge up to $400. I focused on identifying those that offered the best value for money.

Factor 3: Ease of Sign-Up

The third factor I used to evaluate these services was the ease of registration.

Some services have outdated systems that seem like they were designed in the late 1990s, while others have modern, user-friendly interfaces that simplify the process of starting a business or LLC in Colorado.

I signed up for each of these business formation services to experience their registration process firsthand and ensure they had resolved any issues with data collection.

Factor 4: Ease of Use

I extended my review of the sign-up process to other sections of the websites to understand how easy they were to navigate. This involved registering a fictitious business and submitting my formation documents to the Colorado Secretary of State.

This review allowed me to differentiate between LLC formation services with intuitive and easy-to-navigate systems and those that were cumbersome and required more time and effort to use.

Factor 5: Customer Service

The quality of customer service was the fifth and final factor I used in my review process.

This is where I encountered significant differences in how LLC services handled their customers.

Some services outsource their customer service to call centers in foreign countries staffed by personnel unfamiliar with the American business startup process. As a result, you may waste valuable time explaining the challenges your business or LLC is facing.

Other LLC service providers, like Northwest Registered Agent, have a US-based customer service department staffed by former accountants, lawyers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who have experienced the same challenges you are facing and are always available to offer reliable advice throughout your business journey.

I contacted each customer support department using various methods (online chats, emails, and phone calls) and asked detailed questions about their services to evaluate their responsiveness and expertise.

In Conclusion

Northwest Registered Agent stands out as the best LLC service provider in Colorado.

Its $39 basic package offers excellent value and includes all the essential services needed to establish your LLC. These services include assistance with filing your formation paperwork, a consultation with their accounting department, a three-month trial of VoIP service, and a full year of registered agent service that features compliance alerts and an online document storage portal.

Northwest’s Corporate Guides, a team of former accountants, lawyers, and business owners, provide industry-leading small business advice.

If you’re looking for an LLC service provider that saves you both time and money, visit Northwest Registered Agent today and enjoy an 82% discount.