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Teaching Kids Effective Security Habits Around The Home

Routines are an excellent way to instaling good habits within children. At a young age, it is a great idea to start building constructive habits that can help a child as they grow into adolescence.

I was speaking to my locksmith the other day (I had recently locked myself out of my car) we got talking …

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Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

The most popular footprint to clean up nowadays, besides the dirt one in your foyer, is your ecological one; between solar panels and organic foods, it’s a worldwide phenomenon that just won’t quit.

But even more relevant for today’s technology-crazed society is your digital footprint, and what exactly it says about you. If you’ve ever Googled …


5 tips to protect your child’s reputation online

By Cynthia Lieberman

Author Cynthia Lieberman is Co-founder of Cyberwise and Cyberwise Certified, two sites dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and kids understand and use digital media safely and wisely.

Raising teens and tweens in today’s digitally connected world is complicated. Parents often worry about what their kids are doing online. That’s why the best way to …

Unlock iPhone x

How to unlock iPhone X

Summary: According to the scammers, there are three different ‘proven’ ways to unlock your iPhone X. Don’t fall for this. Handware unlocking can brick your phone and void your warranty and the only thing software unlocking will do is load your phone with viruses.

The only truly effective iPhone X unlocking method is IMEI or Factory …


Teenager Survives Almost 50 Days Alone At Sea

An Indonesian teenager has survived 49 days adrift at sea in a fishing hut before being rescued and returned home safely. 

Aldi Novel Adilang, 19, is a lamp keeper for a floating fish trap called a rompong, which was located 77 miles off the coast of Indonesia. His job involves being responsible for changing the lights used …


Octopuses On Ecstasy

A recent study carried out by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US seems to have shown that octopuses become more sociable after absorbing small doses of MDMA.

Octopuses are smart, beautiful creatures, possessed with extraordinary personalities. They belong to a class of marine mollusks called cephalopods, and range from less than an inch in …


Doctor Uses Shampoo Bottles To Save Young Lives

A doctor in Bangladesh has found a simple way to treat infant pneumonia.

After seeing children in his hospital die from what he believed was the cause of poor quality face masks and tubes that delivered oxygen to the patients, one pediatric doctor, Mohamad Chisti, in Sylhet, Bangladesh decided he had to try and find a …

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Korean Families Reunited For First Time In 68 Years

89 South Koreans crossed into North Korea yesterday to be reunited with loved ones whom many haven’t seen nor heard from since the Korean War broke out 68 years ago.

100 mostly elderly – the oldest person being 101 years old – South and North Koreans were chosen using a lottery system, but some sadly had …