An Educators Guide to Cyber-Bullying (For Teachers)

As a teacher, you have the overwhelming job of both educating today’s youth as well as ensuring that their learning environment is as stress and distraction-free as possible. Easier said than done.

Today’s kids are facing more distractions and complications in their lives than ever before, and a large part of that definitely has to do …


An Employer’s Guide to Cyber Bullying

As an employer, there are a lot of irons in the fire for you. It’s not just about managing personnel, handling payroll, and arranging schedules – there’s the responsibility you have to make sure that your employees have a safe and constructive environment to work in.

Managing a team of people from all different walks of …


A School’s Guide to Cyber Bullying

As an educator, there’s a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders with today’s kids. You not only face the usual challenge of preparing them for secondary education and the workforce, but have to do so with the mindset that comes in an age of unparalleled technological advancement.

Tomorrow’s business leaders are going to face challenges …

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Google Wants to Help Companies Fight Scams

The Official Google Blog and Twitter account SearchLiaison Office shared an article to explain to companies how Google proceeds to fight against scammers (scammers). Many people, even fictional companies, try to extract money from companies by pretending to be Google or other companies. This phishing/racket is a reality that spreads and Google has decided to actively fight against any extortion, to the point of taking legal action against …


The Best Educational and Developmental Toys For Babies

Babies can be quite restless, especially if they have nothing to do. However, with the right toys, your baby will have the best moments. Baby toys are not only used to keep the baby entertained, but some are also educative. Some can be used to instil critical skills and abilities on a baby. Toys are …